Your Lap of Luxury

The years teach much which the days never knew.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Watching the classic film, Flamingo Kid not only inspired The Goofy Guy article, but also today’s “Flamingo” Friday piece.

While Matt Dillon plays a cabana boy, Jessica Walter (you may know her as Lucille from the contemporary sitcom, Arrested Development) plays Phyllis, the opulent, bejeweled country club wife character. So, she’s not an ideal role model for the graceful menopausal wife, but she is a full blown picture of the handful of diamonds handed to you during the process of aging: saying whatever the hell you want, while drinking whatever you want, while wearing all the glitz and glam you couldn’t afford as a young woman, above all, projecting sophistication, sexual expertise, sass, but empowered,in full form, not to be f*$k#d with. Jessica Walter and vodka

Yes, she’s bitchy and overly decorated; you can see the rich eye makeup and the heavy glimmering bracelets, as well as the flawless hairdo. Did I mention she’s at the beach? However, before you judge her too harshly, contemplate the idea that she’s earned it.

Regardless of her financial wealth, Phyllis has done her time. She withstood the challenges of motherhood; she still stands by her leather husband; she has fluctuated with and conquered the mean, fickle moods of decades of women’s fashion trends. Just like every other woman her age, she carries scars of her journeys through the fogs of pain and fortune.

Life is spent searching for buried treasures. Once you find it, I say, you’ve earned it.

You can see Jessica Walter continue to ravishingly rule and relish in the fruits of her life on Netflix’s Arrested Development.

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