Should You Collaborate or Work Independently?

Working as a team and/or working alone both have their pros and cons. So which choice should you make? Tips on how to make the right choice.

Should you initiate a team or work independently? Both have their pros & cons. Which should you pick?Your boss wants something done. Something great. Something fresh. Something that might solve an encroaching problem that could lead to disaster. Something that might jumpstart everyone, bring excitement back into the force. She doesn’t care how you do it, who does it or what it is, but she wants a grand gesture of innovation. It could be a proposal for a new column in the current web content, a new computer program that might improve productivity, a way to save money, an after school program for struggling students, an investment that needs to be made, a charity to join, more international marketing outreach. Whatever it is, she wants to be impressed. You and your colleagues will be doing some extra work. You and a few others may come together, show excellent teamwork, unite colleagues and create a dynamic, collaborative plan. Or–you might use this as an opportunity to spotlight your skills/talents and prove/show how much potential you have.

They both sound like great opportunities to shine out. So, what should you do? Work together or alone?

Should you try a collaboration or should you take advantage of the moment to shine? Things to consider before deciding to work alone or together on a project for work.

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