Work?! Wedding?!

10 Tips For Meeting With The Edding Planner

It’s all actually happening. This week (which is not over) has been wedding-ful. Monday, we had the tasting. Today I locked down the date and set up my package with the event planner. Tomorrow and the day after…wedding dress! When I looked over this week’s schedule last weekend, I felt really overwhelmed and worried. Work?! Wedding?! all mushed together! But so far each appointment has been fantastic, most likely because of the prep tasks I performed before the meetings (10 tips below).

10 Things to Do Before Meeting with Your Wedding Planner

Sneak peak of potential pre-dinner cocktail munchies…

On Monday night, my family, my fiancé and I all sat around my parent’s dining room table to chow down on gourmet, tropical, Cuban-infused cuisine. Before we sat down to eat, my fiancé and I had made plans to be strict and honest about the food. We didn’t want to feel pressured to like anything. But once we got to eating, the pressure was gone, and we thoroughly loved the food. It’s absolutely want we want.

Today, I locked down the date with the event planner, A Rivera Event. We went over more details, numbers, ideas, questions etc. What I had imagined to be stressful and boring turned out to be simple and fun. The planner was super relaxed and sweet. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I can choose the colors of seat cushions and linens, the color of the DJ booth, the shape of the tables. I honestly had no idea I had these kinds of options (after all, I’ve never done this before!). It was a super pleasant experience, I think partially because my mom and I were pretty prepared.

10 Things to Do Before Meeting With Your Wedding Planner

The tentative palette of colors for the wedding.

I feel reassured and taken care of. Planning for the wedding has brought my family closer together and has redefined the terms of collaboration for me. Let’s just say, I’m really starting to understand why this is such a celebrated experience.

10 Things to Do Before Meeting With Your Wedding Planner

I can’t wait for my special moment!

10 Tips for Meeting an Event Planner

1. Brainstorm questions ahead of time.

2. Talk to others who have already experienced the process.

3. Ask hypothetical questions, as in if disaster strikes and a limo breaks down what would you do? However quickly and calmly the planner responds indicates his/her level of experiece.

4. Take notes.

5. Do your homework. Research the companies online. Read reviews and look for connections.

6. Have a vision in mind.

10 Things to Do Before Meeting With Your Wedding Planner

7. Draw out maps. My mom had the amazing idea to draw a little sketch of our venue location to help the planner get a clear picture of the space.

8. Bring pictures to illustrate ideas or details.

9. Make a few jokes before starting the ease any tension.

10. Take deep breaths to process and take your time.

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