Meet Your New Personal Assistant: The Timer on your Phone

Meet your new personal assistant, your phone's timer! Check out 8 ways it can help you boost performance.

Sometimes just a few minutes of your day can harvest longterm benefits. Letting a timer organize your hours for you frees up the energy you would use normally use on time management for more creative or innovative thinking. Here’s a list of inventive ways to use your timer at work 🙂 The timer on your phone just might be the personal assistant you need. 8 ways to use your phone's timer at work.
8 Ways to Utilize a Timer at Work

1. If you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks, instead of checking off one task at a time, loosen up your mindset by rotating task progress. Every 15 minutes switch to working on the next task. By constantly switching types of tasks, you keep the diverse skills fresh. Also you prevent boredom.

2. Turn on your timer and take a ten minute break. By using the timer, you won’t take too long of a break, and you are more likely to actually take a break knowing it’s organized, that it won’t throw off your schedule. Breaks are important for better performance.

3. Use a timer when making a call. This way you won’t get sidetracked or ever run the risk of over explaining. By timing the call, it will force you to streamline, keep the call topic focused and make you feel important 😉

4. Time your at-home work. This will keep your home and work mind sets divided, ensuring that when you are not working, you are not thinking about working either.

5. If you can’t seem to find something important, like a specific form you need to hand in by the end of the day, before panicking, set your timer for ten minutes to look for it. By setting this time, you can use all your energy on looking for it. You are more likely to focus better and find it.

6. When you don’t know how to start an email or what to write about, or if you’re just feeling plain uninspired set some time on the timer just for brainstorming. Dedicating time to document thoughts can inspire ideas you wouldn’t have found without the streamlined time. Also you can use the brainstorming notes in the future for another idea.

7. Take a section of time via the timer and use it for checking in on your calendar, deadlines. Touch base with your upcoming plans.

8. Set a few minutes everyday to straighten up your work space To refill your stapler, tape dispenser etc. and to weed out dated paperwork and empty pens etc.

All in a day’s work!
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