Wednesday Window Shopping

Improve your recipe for sleep hygiene by adding silk made without any chemicals or machinery. Find out where you can get natural but luxurious sleeping accessories.

Wednesday is far from my favorite day. By Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday have me beat, and the weekend is still too far see. It feels like the weight of week is most heavy on Wednesday. We feel we should remain productive, yet we feel so much like resting on Wednesday.

To soothe your wound up, weighty Wednesday mind, I am so pleased to share some precious and pristine products created by one of my sponsors, Lilysilk. Take a moment today to slow down, soften, let the silk sink in and plan a sleep makeover. Just because it’s a Wednesday doesn’t mean we can’t dream…

The reason I decided to hook up with Lilysilk bloomed when I saw that their products are as natural as they are precious. Lilysilk offers 100% pure silk products, including luxurious silk bedding, silk nightwear for both men and women, and popular silk accessories in different styles and colors. Lily only uses Grade A, long-strand, 100% mulberry (Morus alba) silk created by the finest silk worms called Mombyx mori. They don’t use any chemicals or machinery in the manufacturing process.

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