Wedding Update : “Bride-mode”

Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....


Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

So, the shoe is on my foot now… Once upon a time, I was recently engaged. Now, I’m in what I think is “bride-mode.” It’s happening, suddenly and surely it’s happening; I’m planning a wedding. It’s an inexplicably marvelous & beautiful cliché. I feel completely in over my head while I fantasize about lights on trees and pin sparkly wedding things incessantly on Pinterest. Although I feel like I can’t do all this stuff, it seems to be getting done.

The bridesmaids have been super supportive. Half live out of state, but somehow I feel like we are all strangely connected by a string, no matter which state she lives in (and some are far!).Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

One of these lovely maidens created the most perfectly designed and personal wedding binder– it came with a detailed checklist, folders, glitter pens, dividers and wedding budget help worksheets. As soon as I opened the binder, I checked off, “Get organized.” It was an unbelievable gift because it was exactly my style and incredibly useful. So, one step at a time things are happening.Getting organized as a bride-to-be.

So far, the hotel for out of town guests is reserved, we have a guest list and we have a venue. I’m approaching food, tables and cake time; I have no idea what I’m in for… Depending on how tightly wound my schedule becomes, I might call a wedding planner for some estimates.

Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

I’m more preoccupied with the wedding than I consciously realize. I now comprehend why the first thing everyone asked me when I got engaged was, “Have you set a date?!” I was always taken aback. I still needed to get the ring fitted and appraised! I still needed to get used to being engaged. Date? Dates? Why do you need a date? Can’t you see we are in love? …not worried about dates.

Another one of my cherished lovely bridesmaids just got engaged! Over the top stoked to be going through this with one of my bridesmaids. It’s going to be a trek I’ve never ventured into–this wedding stuff, but I’m not alone. Her fiancé is an incredible person full of his own jolly love and tough work-ethic. He knows how to make us laugh too much. He is a good friend and a great catch. Props to my girl.Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

So, she’s off! Just like I was. In the clouds of being engaged. And what do I do? I text her a few days later and ask her if she’s going to get a wedding planner and mentioned that I might look into it. After a few seconds, I then texted, “Am I way ahead here, asking you about a wedding planner already?” So, now the shoe is on the other foot. I’m one of those people asking about dates and plans. It’s some kind of journey.

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Getting organized as a bride-to-be is not an easy feat....

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