Looking back at Your Kid Self may be the Best Thing You’ve ever Done for Yourself

How recalling your childhood can help you today

I remember never wanting to leave the bathtub when I was little. It was one of the best places around. I had floating ships and mermaids, Mr. Bubbles avalanches, Ninja Turtle foam soap. One of the greatest toys for the tub was my set of write on the bathroom tile crayons. I have no idea how they worked or if they still sell them, but they were miraculous. I could draw and write all over the bathtub’s walls, and magically my mom could wipe it all off easily.

Why Lana Turner's idea to take a bath is genius

Lana Turner shows no shame enjoying her down time in the tub.

When your a little kid, you don’t worry about what you’re not doing, what you should be doing or what you still need to do.  When you’re little, you simply do what you wanna do.

How your childhood holds the key to your stress relief

As adults, we can get so wrapped up in our own ambitions, our families, our reputation, our bank account etc, we forget to nurture our own source of survival, the thing that lets us accomplish our aims, our physical and emotional self.

Sometimes, it’s ok to sit outside and read instead of working out. It’s ok to have that second glass of wine with dinner, that dip in the pool, that nap on the sofa.How your childhood can offer you the the key to stress relief

As I have gotten older, I have discovered (and I will share this with you, my loyal reader of secrets) that by looking back to the most delightful times in my childhood, I find the perfect strategy for my adult self-nurturing. I used to love to be outside, messing around, falling down, coming home thirsty and hungry, eating dinner and then begging to go outside again. “But I told my friends I would be right back, dad!”

As a grown up, I decided to go back to my roots by taking my dog on long hikes and swims.  I come home feeling that same exhilaration I experienced as a child.  As much as I love to be outside journeying my way to Neverland, I also love to take bubble baths.

For many years, bubble baths were wiped off my plate without a trace. It was only when I moved into my first nice apartment with a bubble-bath-worthy tub that I remembered the enchantment. When I ran the idea of taking a bubble bath by mom, she responded, “Of course, you used to love taking your bath.” What seemed like a revelation to me, a complex strategy for coping with adult stress, was totally logical to her and unsurprising. She knew me best at that time when all I ever focused on was doing what I wanted to do.The best way to use your bathtub!

Other than taking the time to recall pieces of your childhood, you can also simply ask your parents or best friends about what they noticed made you the most happy. It’ll surprise you how much doing what you want to do can escort you toward success.

Today’s sentence to finish: I plan to nurture my body more by _______________________.

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