The Magic Mirror

Mirrors may have a power over your selfesteem
In the Disney classic film, Snow White, the powerful Queen and villain checks in with her mirror incessantly, making sure she is the most beautiful. She chants, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” We see her as a lunatic, royalty gone mad with vanity. It must be no coincidence that Disney employs mirrors as tools to utilize magic.

In the Disney film, Beauty & the Beast, the mirror functions as an all powerful eye that can reflect any place, any person that is requested of it. Indeed, mirrors are very powerful.
How your mirror affects you
Mirror checking can have a strong hold even when we know rationally that it’s not helpful.
–Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld, clinical psychologist and author of Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder

A must read for every woman today
As I mentioned in the previous post, Open Your Eyes & Stop Looking, I refer to all the time I wasted with mirror checking. Holy cow. My mom used to say to me, “You’re obsessed!” While she would exclaim this in a nonclinical way, essentially, she was 100% correct.

Realistically, in today’s world, I don’t think I could get ready for work without a darn mirror with all the artistry of makeup and SPFs etc. I do know that having a full length mirror in a very accessible place, in your room, in plain sight, for example, can enable and even ignite this incessant mirror checking. Since I have made my full body mirror less of a priority in my home, my mirror checking has lowered its rate to the bare minimal. This small change has helped me maintain a healthier association with my body. Instead of analyzing its appearance and criticizing it, I spend that time and energy for my ambitions and friends etc.

I challenge you this week to move your full length mirror out of plain sight. You will be pleased by how little a mirror really matters.

On yesterday’s post, we began our week-long daily writing exercise. Today the focus is on your own history of successes, all of which, as you will notice, have no connection to your outward appearance. Take the time some point today to complete this sentence and write it out: My top three accomplishments in life are _________________________.

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