The Goofy Guy

Prioritize your happiness & date a goofy guy. All the reasons why you should.

Here’s why you should give the goofy guy a break. What constitutes as a “goofy guy or gal?” Well according to me in the context of this article, the goofy guy is the guy/gal that isn’t sure where to put the wine he brought; he is the guy that everyone likes having around, but he always leaves flying solo. There’s usually a goofy detail like his white socks showing or forgetting the dinner jacket he should have worn. He may seem quiet, but when he does slip in a joke or a good point, everyone is delighted because its a gem of a comment. Basically the goofy guy makes a lot of people smile including you, but he doesn’t let himself stand out. It might be because he has no fashion sense or better, he may have the perfectly sized ego, a functional amount of masculine confidence, a subtle ability to save his goods for when it really matters.

Many times the goofy one goes unnoticed because he tends to be more quiet, is not a show-off and wears whatever happens to be clean. He doesn’t ever try to appear a certain way, no contrived sexy panther deal. He just is. He is single not because he is goofy, but because he knows he is goofy and this drives him to stay out of the spotlight.

Matt Dillon (in the article’s images) stars in the wonderful summer film, The Flamingo Kid . He plays a goofy character that demonstrates how lovable a goofy guy can be.

The goofy guy, however goofy he may be, carries more gold coins in his pocket than you think.

Matt Dillon’s character in the film illustrates some of these quality traits that a goofy guy can own. He is focused on what he wants. He is not afraid of people that are different from him. He is not intimidated. He is loyal. He is smart as hell (always wins the poker game when no one expects it). He is a go-getter. He is humble. He appreciates what he has; usually the goofy guy does not spring from a lot of monetary wealth, but from strong family ties. However, the goofy guy tends to have survived many heartbreaks because he is so loyal and selfless.


This means it is important for the interested party to not come off overly aggressive. The goofy guy wants someone he can openly be goofy with, and will surprise him with respectful interest and loyalty.

All in all, you may come to see that the goofy guy who always gets looked over could be the most quality diamond in the room.

Signs of a High Quality Goofy Guy:
He is the first to give up his seat for a new arrival.
The wine he doesn’t know where to put down is a good pricey wine.
He carries a kind of subdued charm.
He has an impressive job that no one knows about because he never talks about it.
His comments make you smile, giggle or laugh.
He does not smell like cologne.
He always says “excuse me,” “thank you” and “please.”
He always seems genuinely interested in conversations.
He laughs at all your bad impressions.
He admits to liking The Smurfs too when he was little.
He says something so goofy and awkward that its cute.
He arrives solo and leaves solo.
He doesn’t ask you for your number because the idea that you might dig him seems so farfetched to imagine. Afterall, he is a goofy guy.

Yes, a goofy guy might take more work to date, since he is so unsure of his own awesomeness, but it’s worth it. It’s his time to shine.


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