The Beach Daze

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Part I.
The Beach Trip

I’m just returning home from a fabulous mini surf trip. While the waves were not head high (aka big), they were long and shiny like little tubes of glass. At home, I surf chop and weave around tourists, so, these few days at the beach were relaxing. There was shopping, surfing, sightseeing, drink sipping, sleeping in and lots of eating, basically a perfect getaway.

The best aspect of combining a surf/beach trip with a relaxing more traditional getaway, is the perfect balance of fun indulgence with a fun workout, all of which beats cooking at home and the usual cardio sessions. The most important element of this sublime balance is hydration.

If you can maintain your hydration throughout the trip, you will find that you can manage to eat a cheeseburger in paradise and burn it off while you enjoy your summer escapade. Stick to water, or if you’re more likely to hydrate with flavor, stick to the lo-cal non-caffeinated, non-bubbly bevs. Too much sugar will backfire, especially if you’re indulging in a few drinks during the evening; drinking water simultaneously is a must.

Another requirement to balancing your beach day sweat with your evening outing outfits is sunblock. I could have sworn I put enough on during the day, but I did not. I got too absorbed in the surf, sun and sand, so now, I have an entire body painted in coral red skin that hurts as much as a coat of jellyfish stings. Not only does it hurt, not only am I imagining the millions of wrinkles I’ve added to my future, but also I look just like the tourists I tease about back home. If you’re a surfer or a hardcore traveler, you know how humiliating this can feel while ordering from the raw bar scattered with locals. So, in essence, lather up in the skin-saving sunblock more than you want to on a beach trip. Also, as irrelevant as it may seem, the sun hits different places of the Earth at different angles, in other words, vacation sun ain’t the same sun you know well at home.

Not to mention, one of my legs is more red than the other, totally diminishing any attempt I made at looking cute in my mini last night! So soak up sunscreen, not sun!

Part II.
Ways to Burn off your Burger at the Beach

1. Ride waves. My favorite way is to surf, and if you’re brand new to the sport, simply trying to surf is as enjoyable as it is a calorie-killer. Boogie boarding, however, is just as fun, if not more fun than surfing. It’s less mentally intense, and it’s safer. The most convenient way to ride waves is to body surf! Body surfing requires swimming hard before catching a wave; you’re performing explosive cardio while sparkling in your swimwear.


2. Play ball. Any type of ball! There’s all kinds of amazing beach balls out there dying to be thrown around in the sun. There’s the more game-oriented beach balls, like the beach volleyball and the kadima ball. The best balls for wading in the water and splashing are the typical beach ball, the football and my absolutely new favorite, the wave runner, which is a tiny neon green and yellow ball that literally bounces on the water. Throwing a ball around in the water challenges your abs, reflexes , calves and shoulders.

3. Walk. Throw on your diva beach hat and strut your stuff. Walking along the shore is a workout and a meditation. If you have a partner, you’ll burn more cals than you can imagine, engrossed in chatting and people watching.

Marilyn Monroe at the beach

Marilyn Monroe enjoys a sunset stroll, burning cals and absorbing the paradise views of California.


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