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8 Free Ways to Expand Your Mind Legally

Try these 8 creative habits to become more open-minded, more knowledgeable and more global without breaking your brain or the bank.

Try these 8 creative habits to become more open-minded, more knowledgeable and more global without breaking your brain or the bank. [listly id=”sXv” layout=”slideshow” per_page=”1″]

How To Plan a Professional & Flawless Event–10 Tips too!

I learned a valuable lesson I would not have learned otherwise: you can't rely on the venue that has invited you to already know what all your needs are. You have to ask for them upfront, and if they already know you need a music stand, or a bottle of water, or a video projector-- great! But it's better to be safe than sorry.

I was recently asked to read poetry at a new venue; I noticed some major glitches in the setup, for example, I was not formally introduced nor was I given a place to lay my reading materials. I was frustrated by these snafus of course, but I also learned a valuable lesson I would not have learned …

The Discomfort Zone

8 Signs You're Addicted to Discomfort-- is pushing it to the limits always the best strategy?

“What if I have a lot of trouble getting out of my comfort zone?” a colleague once asked during a meeting about upping the use of technology at work. I almost laughed out loud. I thought, since when are we ever supposed to mix work with our comfort zones? And since when is that an …

Should You Collaborate or Work Independently?

Working as a team and/or working alone both have their pros and cons. So which choice should you make? Tips on how to make the right choice.

Your boss wants something done. Something great. Something fresh. Something that might solve an encroaching problem that could lead to disaster. Something that might jumpstart everyone, bring excitement back into the force. She doesn’t care how you do it, who does it or what it is, but she wants a grand gesture of innovation. It …

10 Signs You Need a Break

Sometimes a break is all you need for a push

I’ll admit it. I eat lunch at my desk, in front of my computer, annoyed that one of my hands is not available for typing. What can I say? I wanna get work done when I’m at work. Seems and even feels logical enough. Right? Apparently, my logic is completely illogical. While eating lunch at …

The Unlikely Bookworm, Part II: Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List

Learn from the the most well known Hollywood star in the world. Once you read her To Do list you catch an inspirational glimpse.

Words– Find out their meanings  -Marilyn Monroe Part II, Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List (For Part I, please click here) Marilyn Monroe, the most recognizable Hollywood star in the world, had another side to her shimmering coin of a self. She was a bookworm. She pushed herself towards books and higher education as much as …

Bright Lights of 2014

The best of Pink Curlers & Post Scripts 2014

This past year, I began the journey of cultivating my own blog. The blog began as small scented candle in the decorum of my life; now it’s ignited into a chandelier that I polish and upkeep. I joke with people that my blog is like an adult version of a Giga pet or Tamagatchi (if …

Asleep in Spain

There are incredibly important health benefits to Spain's cultural trait known as the "siesta." I personally have experienced the benefits and pleasure of the habit. See what the "siesta life" can offer you

I was sixteen years old in a country I had heard about since the day I was born, Spain.  “Spain is in your roots!  It’s in your blood,” my family says.  In Spain, blonde does not mean gringa automatically as it does in the U.S. or various other nations.  Socially, it didn’t matter that I was …


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