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The Romp Around!

23 Amazing Romper Styles! Enjoy these diverse looks of the cute and practical romper for women (and learn a little fashion history too!)

Onesie, playsuit, coveralls, bloomers are all words historically used for what we typically today call the “romper.” The idea for the romper came about as a clever way to play comfortably without ruining your “nice clothes.” Toddlers and kids could run freely without their mothers shouting, “you’ll get ice cream slop on your white dress!” or …

12 Marilyn Memes

Let Marilyn make your day marvelous!

Why not meme it up a little with mega-movie star Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe? (All the memes were made by me!)

All the Denim Looks We Missed Out On as Kids

How to rock your jeans--throwback style

In case you forgot how to wear jeans… Now that’s what I call fashion experts. ~Below, have fun browsing through some of the throwback denim styles you can actually buy presently… (click on pic if interested in more info or purchasing info) enjoi

Epic Toys Back From the Dead

Let me waste your time and give your brain a break. It’s throwback Thursday–a perfect excuse to reminisce over the past. It’s a past that no longer exists not only because, well, time passes, but also because we’ll never be little kids again. Today, I see lots of awesome “new school” toys I know nothing …

Pretty in Polka Dots

Polka dotease… “Harvard won’t be impressed that you aced history of polka dots.” — Legally Blonde Why? I ask. The history of anything is incredibly complicated. Why not study the power polka dots have over human nature? The Hairpin explains our love for these spots best: America’s love affair with the polka dot began, perhaps, …

The Eartha Kitt Coping Strategy

Only on PINKCURLERS.com! Read it now!

“Coping strategy.” I use the word a lot. I plan on how I’m going to get through a long string of social events without having a breakdown. I’ll strategize how I’ll survive through weeks where weekends are booked with a work trip, a wedding, someone’s book launch, grabbing a bite with out of town friends, …

Exclusive Q & A with Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld

In yesterday’s book review, we explored the treasures and insight offered by Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld’s book, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder?. Today’s post is an exclusive interview with Dr.Stacey herself conducted by Rodi Rosensweig. The interview digs deep into the specifics of our daily concerns regarding the subject of body confidence and …

Hugging the U in ThUrsday

Old hollywood fluff

Celebrate the essence of you, your unique, unparalleled and utmost you. In a world of closed doors, Dorothy Dandridge opened them with the power of her “u,” her ultra unique self.

Your Lap of Luxury

The years teach much which the days never knew. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Watching the classic film, Flamingo Kid not only inspired The Goofy Guy article, but also today’s “Flamingo” Friday piece. While Matt Dillon plays a cabana boy, Jessica Walter (you may know her as Lucille from the contemporary sitcom, Arrested Development) plays Phyllis, the …


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