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Wednesday Window Shopping

Improve your recipe for sleep hygiene by adding silk made without any chemicals or machinery. Find out where you can get natural but luxurious sleeping accessories.

Wednesday is far from my favorite day. By Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday have me beat, and the weekend is still too far see. It feels like the weight of week is most heavy on Wednesday. We feel we should remain productive, yet we feel so much like resting on Wednesday. To soothe your wound up, …

Fluff & Stuff

Fairy dust or Eye shadow? Both! 4 ways to use all those eye shadows you never use other than on your eyes. It's literally the perfect powder.

Fluff, fluff & more fluff.  It could be the insane amount of work and writing career stuff I’ve had to keep up with all week, or it could be another obsession, but this week and last week I noticed I have been writing more fluffy pieces than usual.  It even shows in the last few …

Simply Mauvelous

picky & stay true to your style.

I’m very picky when it comes to style (I don’t know anyone else who declares mauve their favorite color). I’m so picky, that I created this blog as way to express the development of my own style, and to fill the void that I found online: a blog that helped me deal with my day …

Take Your Fret Away

Find the peace you seek. 5 ways to rid yourself of worry and fret.

Part II of Her Meanest Day When caught in the rip current of fret, you feel like there’s no end in sight. You’re stuck in the flow of overwhelming thoughts. How did I miss that conference call?! Did I phrase that correctly? Should I have said yes instead of no? Why didn’t I say no? …

The Diamond and the Marc Jacobs Watch

Why you should always wear a watch to professional events.

It’s subtle, but not subtle enough that you don’t notice that slightly “more eager to please” tone in the cashier’s voice, that colleagues who have never spoken to me before greet me on a first name basis suddenly, how quickly store clerks ask me if I need any help finding anything. “Isn’t strange how people …

Looking back at Your Kid Self may be the Best Thing You’ve ever Done for Yourself

How recalling your childhood can help you today

I remember never wanting to leave the bathtub when I was little. It was one of the best places around. I had floating ships and mermaids, Mr. Bubbles avalanches, Ninja Turtle foam soap. One of the greatest toys for the tub was my set of write on the bathroom tile crayons. I have no idea …

A Rookie with Diamonds

I'm just getting used to wearing this ring. I don't know what my wedding's theme will be!

Wearing this diamond on my finger feels like nothing else, a prism shimmering with the magic of marriage to come. As soon as he popped the question, a weight that I never consciously knew I carried, floated off my shoulders. Suddenly, this major part of my life that I had always worried about, that my …

Hugging the U in ThUrsday

Old hollywood fluff

Celebrate the essence of you, your unique, unparalleled and utmost you. In a world of closed doors, Dorothy Dandridge opened them with the power of her “u,” her ultra unique self.

30 is the New 13

Today is my 30th birthday. Unforeseeably, I never imagined that I would feel more 13 today than I did when I was 13.  The thing about it all is that I feel happy like a kid, free like a kid, as magical as a kid, without all the pre-puberty problems of acne, awkwardness, lack of …


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