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The 15 Best Movies About Fatherhood

15 Best Fatherhood Movies to watch with Dad

I can directly blame my affinity for Hollywood on my dad. Growing up, he showed me all the classics, especially anything with Fred Astaire, Steve McQueen, John Wayne or Gene Kelly. That’s my dad, a delightful recipe of “top hat, white tie and tails” blended with “rugged around the edges.” There’s also an impossible to …

Meet The Real Princess Belle

She was the first biracial aristocrat of England. She was raised by an uncle with heavy political power, educated as nobility, protected by her family name, dressed beautifully like a princess, but was never allowed to eat at the same dinner table as her uncle, aunts and cousins due to the cultural (and racist) customs of her lifetime.

It turns out that the Princess Belle, we all lovingly know well from Disney’s magical film, Beauty and the Beast, is not the only Belle to revere and admire. The real-life Belle was named Dido Elizabeth Belle. Recently, Fox Searchlight churned out a beautiful film about this particular Belle. She is the first openly biracial/bicultural aristocrat …

11 Loves, 44 Movies for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Not all love lies in romance. Try celebrating Valentine's Day your way with the help of a little Hollywood sparkles of course.

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Right? We know love reaches all the corners of our lives, not just our love lives. So, if you’re plans are to stay in and avoid the over-crowded restaurants this Saturday night, consider still celebrating the holiday at home. Buy your favorite bunch of flowers, your favorite dessert, a …

Hollywood’s Love Affairs With Rape

It's like getting shot, but without the bullet hole to show for it and without a story people don't want to hear. So why do good writers make rape so fluffy?

This past weekend, I saw two great films, and I witnessed two quick rape scenarios in a row. “I saw it in the movies” as they say. How can these incredible script writers, who managed to write such wonderful stories, be so off-point when it comes to rape? First, I watched Lawless, which showed the …

10 Films that Spark Professional Success

Everything I learned, I learned from the movies. –Audrey Hepburn Perhaps my fiancé and I are the last living humans to own and cherish their DVD libraries (yes, it totally made me like him more when I saw he too wasted shelf space on not only on DVDs but also epic VHSs!). Like Audrey Hepburn, …

Hugging the U in ThUrsday

Old hollywood fluff

Celebrate the essence of you, your unique, unparalleled and utmost you. In a world of closed doors, Dorothy Dandridge opened them with the power of her “u,” her ultra unique self.

30 is the New 13

Today is my 30th birthday. Unforeseeably, I never imagined that I would feel more 13 today than I did when I was 13.  The thing about it all is that I feel happy like a kid, free like a kid, as magical as a kid, without all the pre-puberty problems of acne, awkwardness, lack of …

Your Lap of Luxury

The years teach much which the days never knew. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Watching the classic film, Flamingo Kid not only inspired The Goofy Guy article, but also today’s “Flamingo” Friday piece. While Matt Dillon plays a cabana boy, Jessica Walter (you may know her as Lucille from the contemporary sitcom, Arrested Development) plays Phyllis, the …

The Goofy Guy

Prioritize your happiness & date a goofy guy. All the reasons why you should.

Here’s why you should give the goofy guy a break. What constitutes as a “goofy guy or gal?” Well according to me in the context of this article, the goofy guy is the guy/gal that isn’t sure where to put the wine he brought; he is the guy that everyone likes having around, but he …


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