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The Woman Behind the Red Gloss: Marilyn Monroe, The Business Owner

Impressively, before her early death at 36, Monroe got the chance to produce and act in her own two films after she founded Marilyn Monroe Productions with her photographer friend, Milton Greene. Finally free from her strict and sleezey contract with Fox, Monroe could choose her own roles and design her own movies. Without the obligation to please directors and colleagues, MM Productions made Bus Stop, which many critics claim to be her strongest role, and The Prince and The Showgirl

So few know about the woman behind the red gloss. I forget that to most she is a sex symbol for the male gaze. When I describe Marilyn Monroe as one of my biggest heroes, people get confused like seagulls trying to decipher bread crumbs from plastic.  Unbeknownst to the many that continue to sexualize her, …

8 Easy & Fun Weight Loss Hacks

Obsessing over weight loss can backfire, either physically, with the inevitable binge eating or mentally, by adding to stressful thinking. It shouldn't consume your mind. Perhaps it's time we modify our social views on fitness in order to appeal to more people (I mean, we're not all Olympic athletes that may benefit from extreme fitness thinking). Counter to common "fitspo" (aka fitness inspiration imagery) phrases, losing weight does not have to be painful in order to be effective.

Sweating, suffering, calculating, punishing are all anxiety ridden words we associate with the process of “losing weight.” Phrases like “the pain is worth the gain” or “you don’t get the a$$ you want by sitting on it” are intimidating and confusing, implying that exercise or weight loss is only for the toughest. This popular attitude …

At Home with Marilyn Monroe

Her heirs fight tooth and nail to protect the use of her image, however it seems Monroe's image has grown beyond that of a movie star into a universal symbol for sensuality, femininity, fashion, American culture and good business.

Her heirs fight tooth and nail to protect the use of her image, however it seems Monroe’s image has grown beyond that of a movie star into a universal symbol for sensuality, femininity, fashion, American culture and good business. I have a few Marilyns hanging around at home, in the form of framed vintage photographs …

Cara Delevingne: A Contemporary Version of Glamourous Comedienne

She's known as a super model and very recently as as an actress, but I think she's a comedienne too. She's got that old school twinkle.

We just watched Midnight in Paris again the other day. It occurred to me that I might suffer from that same condition the Owen Wilson character, Gil, has, nostalgia. I’ll admit it; I idealize a lot of stuff in the past, and rant about the wretched state of things today. I look to the past …

12 Marilyn Memes

Let Marilyn make your day marvelous!

Why not meme it up a little with mega-movie star Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe? (All the memes were made by me!)

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe at her finest

thefoxling / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA Today, June 1, is the birth date of a celestial icon, woman, poet, actress, and comedienne, Marilyn Monroe. She came into our world then left us an inheritance of free-spiritedness, pain, success, failure, beauty, power, vulnerability, determination and imagination. Her essence is made of elements both divine and intensely …

These Quotes Will Make You Love Being A Woman (or wish you were one)

The journals she left behind carry the heavy and profound weight of honest, brave and intellectual poetry. It's no wonder that her quotes are timeless and continue to echo throughout the generations.

March is Women’s History Month, and who better to celebrate it with than the world’s most famous Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe? Well, of course there are many women to celebrate it with, but if you read my blog with relative consistency, you know that I love to write about Marilyn Monroe whenever I get the chance. View …

The Unlikely Bookworm, Part II: Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List

Learn from the the most well known Hollywood star in the world. Once you read her To Do list you catch an inspirational glimpse.

Words– Find out their meanings  -Marilyn Monroe Part II, Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List (For Part I, please click here) Marilyn Monroe, the most recognizable Hollywood star in the world, had another side to her shimmering coin of a self. She was a bookworm. She pushed herself towards books and higher education as much as …

The Unlikely Bookworm, Part I, A Review of Fragments

Marilyn Monroe: Read. Gain Knowledge. Self-express. Subscribe to success. Pink Curlers & Post Scripts

Part I, The Book Review This past Christmas, my mom, also a writer and a poet, gave me a book entitled Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe (ed. Stanley Buchthal and Bernard Comment 2012). As you, my gracious readers, most likely can tell, I’m a big fan of this icon. To receive a …


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