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6 Ways My Cuban Heritage Has Enriched My Marriage

My husband and I had a "Cuban-Southern wedding," we like to say. His half is Southern; my half is Cuban. We come from families that like big families, good food and drink and dancing. The blues and bluegrass of the south partner well with the tropical rhythms of Cuba. We had as much bourbon as we did rum, and our signature drink, we called the Georgia Peach Mojito (trademarked!).

I honestly had never met anyone other than myself who enjoyed and actively sought out the sounds of Southern Bluegrass music before I met my husband. Granted, I didn’t know much about the genre of music. I owned two very cheesy compilations of Bluegrass CDs from Target. I had heard it somewhere once, and one …

The Insight of a Lovebird

So, I won’t be referring to my fiancé anymore throughout some of my articles. He always works as a perfect example or as a character in an anecdote. However, I will be referring to my husband! This past weekend we were married, a long, arduous and expensive process. Many times during the year we considered eloping, …

16 Days Until My Wedding

My wedding is 16 days away, and I can't even clearly express what's on my mind.

After these 16 days end, I’ll be a married woman (wtf?!). Describing myself as not only “married” but also as a “woman” feels surreal. Throughout the whirlwind of making plans, meeting vendors, and paying giant bills, I sometimes lose touch with the essence of the whole thing. Sitting back in my office chair, I find a …

Wedding Update: Planning a Wedding is So Much More than Planning a Wedding

Wedding Update: How planning a wedding is so much more than planning a wedding

Whoa, whoa, slow down, time. I still have so much to do before the wedding. Going over my detailed checklist (made for me by one of my crew aka bridesmaids), I was pleased to find myself checking off so much, like book a caterer, buy your dress, block hotel rooms, set up your website etc. …

Animal Mamas & Their Beautiful Cubs: Happy Mother’s Day!

17 Mother Animals and their adorable cubs.

This post is for my mother. I’m so lucky to have had such a loving guide and role model. Love you, Mom! ** Bonus Pic! More mama tiger kisses…

10 Traits Men Possess That Women Take For Granted

Take a step back and look at the big picture& the best parts of men.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany about men. The morning started out quite normally. We checked the surf; it was a little too sloppy to head out. I worked on a few paintings; my fiancé took care of the plants and did some reading. We checked the surf again; it was better. We racked up the …

Odd Dogs & their Best Friends

Smile! at odd dogs and their unlikely best friends

This goes to show how little big differences matter when it comes to true friendship… Every odd dog-lover’s best friend! (click on pic if interested in purchasing info)

17 Ridiculous Things Loser ex-Boyfriends Have Said to Me

17 Ridiculous Things Loser ex-Boyfriends Say

You don’t need to be embarrassed that you dated him. It would be embarrassing if you were still dating him. – my wise mom As many of you may already know from other posts, I’m recently engaged. I’m in a fluffy cocoon of new love and aspiration. My other half supports me in ways I …

Cupcakes & Moonshine

Cupcakes & moonshine, the right recipe for a perfect barn wedding, sweet & sparkly

When my fiancé nonchalantly mentioned the wedding would take place in a barn, I tried not to seem confused, but I was. I imagined hay, cows, mud, stink, slop and whatever else you think of when someone says the word, “barn.” “Perhaps, it is a good thing I didn’t have time to get new shoes,” …


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