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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Countertops

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Countertops: Find information on all types of kitchen countertop materials, including durability, design and pricing. Weigh your options with information.

House hunting reminds me of those dreams where you scream and scream and no one hears you. You do so much, and yet it all depends on the agents and the sellers. You research. You drive around. You act friendly at open houses. You visit various homes, stroll around rooms that bear no resemblance to …

How and Why Your Home Should Be More Rustic

It's like harboring a piece of forest in your home. With rustic furnishings, a modern home can offer the same appealing quality as a cabin in the woods. Though the style came to fruition at the turn of the century, mainly by pioneers who were forced to use nature to build, the National Park Service officially coined it as a style of architecture. The term, rustic, was adopted by our National Park Service as way to identify their own particular design and architectural tendencies.

It’s like harboring a piece of forest in your home. A modern home can offer the same appealing quality as a cabin in the woods by incorporating rustic elements of design. Though the use of rustic furnishings and decor came to fruition at the turn of the century, mainly by pioneers who were forced to …

Refresh Your Home With Mint Green

Perhaps the most refreshing shade of green is mint. Though it is typically envisioned as a sweet and dainty pastel color, when used on an accent wall or on a unique piece of furniture, the power rather than the pastel of mint green unveils itself. A mint accent wall makes a small space feel larger, while also alleviating anxieties from the mind. It calms the senses and encourages imagination.

Like ying yang, the color, green, conveys two opposites effectively: it  stimulates as it soothes. We feel recharged and calm at the same time, filled with positive energy. It is the power of green, which manages to resonate without inner energy, rebalancing us (Color Psychology). You can bring the healing benefits of nature indoors with …

15 Ways to Style Your Succulents

15 Ways to Style Succulents: There's a common joke that succulents are perfect for the laxy gardener, but they are also perfect for designers. Succulents are the royalty of indoor gardens. Because they are so easy to please they can be maneuvered and styled in creative ways, bringing color and Mother Earth to stuffy rooms. They tend to require less soil, less water, and they clean air very efficiently. As I begin to brainstorm my new succulent project, I have found some innovative design inspirations. Here's a few looks I may implement that will hopefully inspire you too.

“Somebody went shopping!” I gasped upon learning that three of my potted plants had been stolen while our apartment was being tented. To protect them from the toxic chemicals, I placed them in the outdoor courtyard, completely convinced they would be fine. Nowhere in any corner of my mind did I think someone would steal …

10 Innovative Ways to Use Hammocks Indoors

In the 1920s, women would use hammocks to keep their babies from crawling around the house. And long before that, hammocks were hung inside the cabins of ships, freeing up space for storage and seating areas. Though times have changed, and hammocks have been replaced by play pens and bunks, they still offer unique health benefits and appealing aesthetics. Hammocks improve quality of sleep and encourage relaxation.

Within a few seconds I had become a pea inside a pod. We were six or seven years old. It was a rainy summer day in the Dominican Republic. As our parents played dominoes inside, my little friends and I, bored, creative and without electricity, discovered that we could roll each other up in the …

17 Tiny Bathrooms That Inspire Smart Design

The biggest thing in home design right now is tiny houses. Tiny homes seem to be the result of today's wellness trend. A tiny home lifestyle subscribes to simplicity, sustainability and cleverness. However, learning to live in a small space is nothing new. Apartments, RVs, studios, trailers, just simply having too many folks in the family have been inspiring the tiny home lifestyle for generations. One of the most frustrating elements of a modest home is the bathroom, which tends be one of the smallest rooms in the house, susceptible to the use of all family members and guests. When your husband needs the sink to shave, your daughter needs the toilet, and you haven't even brushed your teeth yet, a small bathroom can turn into a disaster. But with a bit of clever design, a tiny bathroom can be practical and lovely.

It feels like the biggest thing in home design right now is a very small thing: tiny houses. Tiny homes seem to be the result of today’s wellness trend. A tiny home lifestyle subscribes to simplicity, sustainability and cleverness. However, learning to live in a small space is certainly nothing new. Apartments, RVs, studios, cottages, trailers, …

How to Make a Tiny Indoor Zen Garden

Knowing some zen basics can be helpful when designing your own, however as an advocate of self-expression, I think the most important part of designing a zen garden is to make it entirely your own. Because the Zen garden is based on symbolism, each person's encounter with it is a wholly individualized experience.

Like a beautiful poem, a zen garden uses symbolism to represent a coherent landscape. Swirls in sand might illustrate a moving stream. Smooth stones could equate to mountains or turtles. Succulents can be a forest. Moss might be a meadow. There are fundamental and intentional principles in Zen garden design. Gert J Van Tonder and Michael …

How to Create a Cozy Corner in Your Home

With some creativity and rearrangement, you can design your own cozy, semi-luxurious corner to lounge in. There are 6 Essential Ingredients to make a Cozy Corner:

It’s a special space, one that isn’t on the sofa in the center of all the household bustle. It’s not on your bed, in your jammies disconnected from the daylight.  It’s a cozy corner just for you, a place to put your feet up, decompress, contemplate or read without the distraction of the television or …

20 Clawfoot Tub Designs for Small Bathrooms

Seemingly floating above the ground, the larger than life tub is surprisingly a practical choice for smaller sized bathrooms too, making the style even more accessible to a variety of homes. Because it rests on four "claws," an open space separates the tub from floor, creating a more spacious and airy feeling in the space.

What stands on four legs, lives in a powder room and makes you feel like a millionaire? A clawfoot tub. The clawfoot style tub originated as a luxury product during the 1800s, keeping aristocrats and the wealthy from disturbingly unhygienic floors. Initially composed of pricey cast iron and porcelain, the clawfoot was a very exclusive …


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