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How Well Do You Know the “Tropical Chic” Dress Code?

How well do you know the Tropical Chic dress code?

Though my upcoming wedding will take place in the Fall, it will be located in my hot hometown, Miami, FL. It’s humid and warm, but the city offers epic wedding venue options like ballrooms with views of Biscayne Bay, aqua beaches and tropical gardens. My fiancé and I chose the “tropical garden route” without neglecting …

Would You Wear this to Work? Is it a Do or Don’t?

Sometimes the line between too much and too little is hard to draw straight. What's appropiate and what's not for work? Take a look at these conflicting styles, then take a quiz to see what you think about professional fashion.

With all the bling and pizzazz out there, especially if you’re a creative type, it’s hard to differentiate what’s appropriate for work and what isn’t. I mean nail art is mainstream. Body glitter is sold at the drug store. Neons are normal. It’s all so vibrant and beautiful, but when it comes to work (sadly) …

6 “Power Tools” to Quicken Your Morning and Make You Look Sharp

"power tools" to get you outta the house ready to march through the urban jungle while still looking "meeting with the boss" worthy.

Today I’m choo chooing around on public transport. I’m heading all around town, into work, downtown and back, so the train is the best option. With the awesome convenience of the train still accompanies the requirement of appearing professional for work. In order to be comfortable, safe and hygienic (I don’t like my skin on …

Face-off Friday

Why some of the unisex trends are worth trying on for size. I felt comfy & pretty in them, even at work.

Here it is again, Friday! And I couldn’t be happier. This past week has been one of those weeks that doesn’t let you sleep. You try to, but you just keep thinkng about whatever is that’s keeping you up. Today, this morning at 7am, I was tired of dressing up, tired of all the “professional …

Your Professional Survival Kit

How to build your own take-to-work survival kit. Make it out of your longest work days with good posture, freshness and focus

Ever felt like you’re running a marathon, without any water stops, without a sports bra, without socks, without a solid breakfast in your tank on a regular workday? I have. More than once. On a day like this, I typically encounter challenges that an athlete might relate to, or the long hours that Henry Hill, …

Paradise, open for business

Follow the sound of the shore break to Paradise Boutique. naturally luxe.

I love writing and I love paradise. I recently wrote a post promoting one of my naturally luxe affiliates, Lilysilk, but I worried that you, my fabulous reader, would think my writing had taken a turn. To maintain the two worlds separately, I have opened a “boutique” page exclusively for browsing, scrolling, surfing, window shopping …

No New Shoes

Ever get stuck wearing something that you don't want to wear? With no new shoes and just an old dress, somehow we still have to look our best.

I have a wedding to attend as a guest tomorrow night.  It’s a plane ride away, so, I’ll be traveling.  As excited as I am about it, I’m also slightly, sort of, just a little bit, freaking out. I have an agenda to make a good impression.  I had an outfit in mind that I …

Her Meanest Day

Learn how to survive even your toughest day. Sometimes looking back at childhood can help you design your own victories against fret, stress or worry.

Ever get the mean reds? –Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s as played by Audrey Hepburn Part 1 One of the main reasons work stresses me out when it does, is because of all the fretting I do. “To fret” literally means to gnaw, as in: The dog gnawed on the chew toy until she …

She Got It Right: Pink Curlers & Post Scripts’ 1st Book Review

Just because everyone else does, doesn't mean you have to also. There are so many helpful resources. And this one is brand new and pink!

“Women, it’s seems, just can’t get it right…if we don’t make a change soon, we may continue to be subjected to the daily message that all women are broken but can be fixed.” —Rosenfeld 124-125 Perhaps what pleased me the most about Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld‘s new book, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? …


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