As a 29 yr old career woman, I work extra hard, to put it frankly, not to f*#k up.  It seems every tiny aspect of my profesional persona is examined closely: the new ring I’m wearing, the one comment I made at the meeting regarding a basic suggesion to improve safety measurements, the neon details case I carry my pens and flashdrives in.  Needless to say, even when I’m in the restroom, I remain aware of my own presence and behaviors.  I would never not wash my hands.

It’s one of the most obvious and biggest social/professional errors to make: not washing your hands before leaving the ladies’ room.

Today at work, well, in the restroom at work, I washed my hands with the foamy soap, dried them and then put my giant ring back on (perhaps a little gaudy for work…it’s dome shaped with little crystals and mauve roses. Maybe too much for most of my colleagues…).  Hair in place and lipstick still stuck on correctly.  As I exited, I heard a toilet flush.  I didn’t bother to hold the door open for someone behind me because I assumed this person would visit the sink first.  However, I appeared rude as the door nearly swung closed behind me while a person attempted to exit along with me.  My colleague had obviously not washed her hands!  We work in a room full of computers.  We work with others. We breathe the same air!  She has kids!  Washing your hands I always thought was a no brainer for moms.  As I turned to apologize for not holding the door, I tried to seem relaxed.  I was thoroughly both confused and grossed out.

I do not judge my colleague; I simply wonder.  Was it laziness?  Some passive aggressive revenge towards all of us?  Perhaps forgetfulness?  Selfishness?  Maybe she is trying to build her immune system by picking up as many germs as possible.  I have no clue.  Or perhaps, I am overreacting.  Maybe other people don’t wash their hands as much as I think they do.  The rest of the day, I thought twice before touching a door knob or a desk.  God forbid I should forget to wash my hands.


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  • Sonora Hospital-Medina says:

    I agree with you! I mean…it may be because we are sisters… but still I hope people regularly wash their hands and that this particular woman was in a large large rush! 🙂

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