How To Make Rose Water: Roses Are So Much More Than Pretty

How To Make Rose Water: An easy DIY recipe for this luxurious beauty potion.

It’s time to respect roses for more than just their looks. Yes, roses are romantic, soft and sweetly scented. They bring luxury to a living room, intimacy to a bedroom and love into an office. But did you know they can improve the health of your skin? You might consider roses the new aloe vera.

Roses are full of the anti-oxident Vitamin C which fights off free radicals. So these flowers are anti-aging magic ingredients. Roses moisturize due to the oils found in their supple petals. They also tone and minimize the appearance of pores, and they don’t dry out your skin like alcohol based toners. Their petals calm redness, remove dark circles around the eyes and soothe skin. Additionally, roses are antibacterial. The flower petals help fight off acne and the bacteria related irritations.

How to Make Rose Water: An easy DIY recipe for this luxurious beauty potion.

Creating your own rose water is a great way to make the most of an old rose bouquet.

To gain the benefits of these blossoms, you can look for rose based ingredients in skin care products, but you can also easily make your own rose water from a bouquet of roses. Seems like a great way to make the most of petals that you might otherwise throw away.

Luckily, making rose water is pretty easy.

How To Make Rose Water


At least 1 cup roses (about 2 roses).

2 cups purified, bottled or distilled water.

A splash of vodka (if you have some around because it’s not totally required).

A glass jar.


  1. Pull the all petals off the roses.
  2. Place the petals in a wide bowl. Rinse your roses. Clean them off thoroughly to remove debris and any chemicals especially if the roses are not organic.
  3. Remove the petals from the bowl and place them in a pot. Pour just enough distilled, bottled or purified water in the pot to cover all the petals.
  4. Add a splash of vodka if you want to act as a preservative.
  5. Warm the petals for about 20 minutes. Avoid boiling. You don’t want to kill off the goods in the petals. You’re just trying to extract them.
  6. Let the water cool off for a bit and then strain it into a glass mason jar (you can reuse a pickle jar. Just clean it first!) or a funnel into a little scary bottle to create a spritz.
  7. Keep the water in the fridge.

You can also add essential rose or lavender oils too to add more fragrance and moisturizing properties.

And there you have it, the ancient Indian beauty secret. I suggest using cotton balls to apply, or if stored in a spray bottle, then spritz away.

In addition to making your own rose water, you may want to consider skin care products that include roses in their ingredients to extract the magic.

This Works makes a one-stop rosewater super-cleanser for refreshed and radiant skin, helping to prep your delicate for a long tough day. 15.75.
Plucked from fresh roses of Lebanon, Sky Organics Rose Water is the ultimate addition to your daily skin routine. Rose Water’s scent will leave you energized and relaxed, whereas applying it on your face will help you tone your skin, fight aging signs and prevent acne. Use it as a natural hydrating make-up remover or as an eye-bag eradicator if your night was too short. 18.95.
This Works Rose, Neroli & Jasmine deep skin beauty oil delicately nourishes skin. 20.00.
Perfect hands rose and mimosa intense moisture is an instantly hydrating, non-greasy formula. 13.50.
Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress replenishes moisture and adds a soft, silky sheen to dry, dull hair. Size: 8 oz. 14.99.

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