Red & Ruby July

In honor of the holiday tomorrow, the United States’ day of Independence, let’s talk red. On July 4, in the US, the color scheme zooms into three colors, red, white and blue. Perfectly fit for this day of celebration is July’s internationally known gemstone, the vibrant ruby.

I’m a July bird, a summer baby, a Leo (if you haven’t already guessed); so, the ruby is my assigned bling. Growing up, I wished it was the emerald or the diamond. Red was too warm, too womanly. I would blush just putting on a piece of ruby bejeweled jewlery.

Now, officially a woman, I am starting to enjoy my month’s sparkle. There’s the sparklers, the sparkling beverages and the sparkling ruby. All included is the ruby’s many shades of red. Red, when spotted on a full grown woman’s ensemble, adds to the vision of adulthood, like flowers on a vine. But red somehow alludes to an ageless ripeness. To wear a touch of red signals confidence and blossoms.

She that wears red is unafraid of being noticed; she demonstrates a tendency toward personal taste (evident in the choice of choosing red) and a pride in her sex as much as a pride in her phase of life.

The all American pinup pins it best with rosy cheeks, red nails and ruby lips. What’s more American than red lips? Coca Cola? Well that’s red too.

At work, my display of red must function like a detail. Otherwise, I feel the US flag. I feel comfortable with one red at a time in the professional setting. Rarely but barely, I might manage red lips and nails. If you sport red at work I recommend limiting it to one of the following details at a time:

~red manicure
~red pedicure
~red, matte lipstick (I tend to stick with subtle nude eyes when I do this)
~red pumps (not shiny, but not necessarily matte) (I keep the rest of the outfit a basic tan)
~red belt (not shiny)
~red bag/briefcase/purse (here, shiny can work, esp if the bag has a geometric shape)
~red scarf
~red skinny and creased slacks
~red & shiny luxury car (we can dream)


I love this vintage dress with red.  The skirt part is pencil, but white, so I have to be so careful.

Tomorrow, when celebrating the Fourth, an overwhelming amount of red in one’s look is considered acceptable without a breach in taste. So tomorrow, some accessories that may seem “over the top” on any other date are fully embraced. Some ideas to rock out in red on this rare and ruby occassion:

~red hair ribbons
~red shirt with white polka dots
~red checkered picnic shorts
~red barrettes
~red lip GLOSS (that wet effect doesn’t fly at work)
~red costume jewelry
~red glitter or sequins
~red sneakers (I like my red canvas classic skater Vans from my early 20s that I don’t get to wear anymore)
~red bra straps showing from under a cami/tank
~red bandana
~red sunglasses
~anything red and shiny!


Me, rockin’ red in the hot summer tropics… (This was for a pinup convention, so it has elements of costume). The dress came to me by way of

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