Indulge Your Eyes with These Perfume Bottles: the Prettiest Perfumes

Our love for perfume reaches beyond the gardens of fragrance and into design...

When it comes to perfumes, it’s like I have an insatiable thirst. If I could, I would keep an antique glass cabinet in my house just for perfumes. Heck, even a cliché vanity with a silver cake platter to show case a few bottles would be lovely.

Our love for perfume extends beyond the realm of fragrance and into design. This collection only skims the surface of perfume design, but it is so tasty....

perfume treasure…

For now, I have them in my bathroom cabinets, the most practical location for my morning madness where I have to spritz and go (many times, knocking down a few other bottles during the process).

For my aunt’s birthday this past weekend, I knew without a doubt a new bottle of perfume would do the trick. Apparently, so did my mom who also got her a bottle of perfume. At first, when I heard that she had already received a bottle, I was disappointed, only until she shouted, “I love perfumes!” Immediately, I thought about her twinkling collection of fragrances displayed in her room. Then I knew my choice of gift was still a good one.

Our love for perfume seems to reach beyond the realm of fragrance and into the world of design. Unwind and enjoy the prettiest perfume bottles.

in love with her puppy & perfume…

I love perfumes too. I really enjoy choosing one according to my mood or outfit or outing. Part of this pleasure comes not just from the scent of it all, but from looking at them all. Sure, I might sound girly, frivolous, self-indulgent, but I’m an artist. I love looking at things, especially shiny ones that smell good! I appreciate the design of a bottle– it’s shape, tone, shine, weight, poetic symbolism and romance. In honor of this fragrant addiction, I stacked up a few of the prettiest bottles of perfume you can buy these days.

By the way, keep in mind that I made this completely based on appearances (how superficial!), which bottles bring the most pleasure to my eye, ones I want to showcase, light a candle next to and stare at.

Warning! You may get thirsty.

Quench your thirst for perfume…

(*Note: If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of luxe, simply click the pic. All of these gems are sold by Filthy Fragrance which sells designer perfumes with discounts of up to 80%. Def worth checking out)

This was one my aunt’s birthday treats.

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