Paradise and Your Profession

Beautiful orange flowers on bicycle

“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”  ~Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

To wear color to work, or not to wear color to work?  That is the question.  I’ll admit, I’m a woman of the tropics at heart.  I zoom in at anything that’s brightly colored.  It’s not that I want to stand out, it’s just what I’m attracted to: tangerine trees, aquamarine beaches, neon green coconut trees, neon pink flamingos, mangos, hibiscus, coral reef…  The colors of life!

At work, however, I tend to censor my fervent love for color.  I worry I might stand out too much, look “tacky,” too young or the worst, unprofessional.  While I feel like I spend far too much mental energy worrying about how I appear at work, my concerns are actually very legitimate, particularly for women in the workplace.

Just as the media overwhelms us with this dysfunctional idea that a woman’s appearance is a primary factor in the construction of her identity, so does the general community at work.  Sadly, it majorly influences our colleague’s perceptions of us, our income and more.  Meredith Lepore explains in her post, Pink Prejudice: Can You Dress to Feminine for Work?

Although, if I do worry too much, if I censor my taste too much, my performance can suffer.  Colors brighten my day and inspire me.  I don’t know if I can be as creative and innovative while not being my true self.  Beyond any stereotype or stigma, lies the power of authenticity.  When being myself, dressing like myself, I feel happier and hence, more productive.  If colors brighten my day at work, won’t they brighten my colleagues’ day?

Fashion Icon, Erika Marie, creator of the well-known fashion blog, Fashion Chalet, always demostrates the possibilities offered when one combines color with sophistication.  Her recent article, entitled, Tangerine Dream, blew me away.  She combines the professional appearance of geometric shapes with a vivid orange ensemble.  Her shoes, however, are nude with a clear heel and loyal to the geometrical theme; this provides the perfect touch of neutrality.  I am totally inspired by this demonstration of color.

Fashion Chalet, orange dress

Erika Marie proves that professionalism and paradise are a beautiful match.

orange dress, nude shoes

Here, you can see how the black and nude accessories don’t allow the color to overwhelm.

For professional details, labels and tips on this ensemble, read Fashion Chalet’s post, Tangerine Dream; Erika Marie always provides all the info on fabulous fashion any of her readers may need.  You can also view the entire photoshoot, the setting, the colors, the props; it’s simply paradise.


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