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It seems like a lot of my friends purchase furniture sets with no money down. Their apartments look fantastic, very mature, organized. Their rooms could be found in a Marie Claire article or compulsively hearted by impressed strangers on We Heart It (the app). I admit, when I meet a friend at her house for a run or to get dressed up to go out, I feel relaxed and enthralled in the beauty of the vanity that matches the canopy bed. It’s regal and impressive, especially if my friend has the drive to follow a recipe and make us delicious lychee martinis while we iron our hair. The lychees seem to match the flowers by her bed. It is luxurious— the closet for her dresses, the closet for her shoes, the air-freshening plug-in in every room.

So, why is visiting a girlfriend such an impactful experience? Because my place is much different. I always heart the beautiful homes on We Heart It, and it seems that’s enough for me, I think because I manage somehow to make my place feel marvelous and glamorous for a smaller cost. I am not cheap, but I am creative. It’s this creative part that I relish in, and, as a byproduct, saves a few money rolls. My sofa may not perfectly match my lounge chairs, but it’s the small details in texture and color that bring my living room together, with the candle always burning on the coffee table. I cannot convey enough the power of an indoor palm. My boyfriend stopped in one afternoon with a beautiful palm tree. He placed it between my two lounge chairs near the window unit, and I swear, it cleans out the air in the apartment and brings out the paradise in my eclectic home.

My room is my favorite place to pretend to be Marilyn Monroe. Sure my mattresses rest on the floor, which was supposed to be temporary, but after a few days, I grew to like it. I bought some plush decorative pillows and leaned them against the wall. I dream of hanging a chandelier above my bed, and I’m sure I’ll purchase a chandelier before I invest in a bedframe. For now, I am blissful with an elegant candelabra, a glass of wine and Marilyn Monroe on the screen. I don’t need much to feel fabulous. Perhaps luxury is relative. My grandmother has always repeated the following phrases to me, “It is better to be strange than plain,” and “It’s good to be different.”

The Victorian beach bum in me...

The Victorian beach bum in me…

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