Open Your Eyes & STOP Looking

See how there's more to life than your body
The first step is to admit that body image and self-esteem issues affect all of us to some degree.
–Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld

A new week has started. Let’s think about ourselves in new ways. If we are going to succeed not only as professionals, but also as people on this earth, we will have to fight through the muck, a lot of muck.

One of the most poisonous ingredients of life muck is “fatness.” It is such a powerful resistance to our lives’ successes because it is an enemy that exists only in our minds. As we know, the hardest battles to win are the ones in our heads. The concept of “fatness” is analogous to racism or agism or any other pervasive toxin.

The notion of “fat” distracts us from all that matters, from all we love and from all we could be achieving. For example, I can recall the number of mornings I wasted in college, spending time in front of the mirror scrutinizing my stomache, changing shirts, measuring how my shorts fit me, when I could have thrown something on and stumbled my way to class thinking about how I would debate last night’s reading, earn an Olympic gold medal over winter break, about how I would save the world from violence or even from “fatness” itself.


I have recently started reading a new book entitled, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? by Dr. Stacey M. Rosenfeld. Dr. Rosenfeld also adorably known as Dr. Stacey, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in eating disorders and body image issues. So far, the book exudes such genuine, down to earth honesty, a “girl friend” tone and a bouquet of golden insight. While I have only just started the book, I already know it is perfect for Pink Curlers & Post Scripts with its friendly tone and pink cover.


I look forward to publishing a book review here on Pink Curlers & Post Scripts when I finish it. Her blog which is as friendly and insightful as her book offers superb resources and riveting articles on current issues.

In line with Dr. Stacey’s brave aims to “improve women’s self-esteem” today, as in ASAP, as in this week, I have created a starting point.

This week, let’s promise to try and be kind to ourselves and to eachother. Let’s stop focusing on “fatness” and let’s start building space rockets, designing the world’s most comfortable stilettos, saving the rainforest, loving our kids, kicking ass at our jobs and freeing women who still remain culturally imprisoned at large. After all, every woman should have the right to wear lipstick, run a board meeting, direct a film, feel sexy at the beach, blast music in the car, have a self discovered and loved identity.


The healing of any wound begins from within yourself. You are not your body; you are your self.

Begin this week by promising to replace “fatness” with the good stuff.

Each day this week I will write the start of a sentence for you to finish on your own. It is important to write it out by hand as part of the process; documenting your sentence can also be used as a resource/reminder/reference to encourage positive thinking in the future. You’ll be blown away by how the completion such a tiny task will empower you.

Sunday’s phrase to finish: My body helps me to perform daily because it __________________________.

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