The Newsletter Fiasco (Why I’ll Never Try To Send Out a Newsletter Again)

The newsletter idea seems enticing, but really it might actually turn your subscribers off

I’d heard about the whole, “make sure your blog has a newsletter” thing from basically 90% of the “blog tips for bloggers” niche blogs. It seemed like a bad idea to me: What if they don’t want extra emails? Isn’t that more work for me? How many blog newsletters do I (as a subscriber to other blogs read) actually read on a regular basis? None. I read posts. Plus, getting the whole newsletter written, published and sent requires a whole new set of tech savvy skills. I put aside this whole Newsletter thing.

That is…until yesterday when I succumbed to the Newsletter trend. I really wanted to genuinely share my gratitude, personal adventures and a few hacks to my subscribers (cheesy, but true!) This blog depends on you reading my stuff. You keep me going. I decided it would be a nice thing for subscribers, perhaps little articles with a more relaxed and personal tone, more chill if you will. I called it, The Pink Curlers Post (you know, like The Washington Post). I downloaded all the blog friendly goods for Newsletter writing. I wrote a whole first Newsletter, followed all the directions, and sent it out to 3/4 of my subscribers. Why 3/4s? you ask. Well, it takes like 6 hours for the program to send out the Newsletter to all the email subscribers I have, and during that time I discovered a few things I didn’t like. So, BOOM, I stopped the process, before any more of these letters got sent out.  How did this sudden flip flop happen? I’ve got 4 reasons below.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Having a Newsletter for Your Blog

1. Unlike your routine and dutiful posts, they are more likely to go to SPAM folders. This means most of your readers won’t even know you ever spent the time to send them one! I didn’t know this. Subscribers won’t ever get to see your hard work if it’s in spam. What a bummer.

2. Anything even slightly connected to spam, no matter how well it’s written, no matter how many cars it says you’ve won, even if it’s a birthday note from your grandmother, feels untrustworthy and “scammy.” pamming is just one of the reasons why your blog should not have a newsletter. Here's a take on why I'll never attempt to make a Newsletter for my blog again. Most certainly not how I want any reader to feel.

3. The Newsletter template, plug-in, add-on program thingies make it conveniently easy to throw in posts, pics and videos from your site. It was easy to reuse images from my blog. How convenient, I thought. However, I’ve changed my mind. As the hours close in on our weeks, creating a new “Newsletter” deadline would take up more time and brain power. I could see myself as well as other bloggers easily falling into the trap of sending out already published posts and images when cramming. If people that are into the blog enough to subscribe to it, they shouldn’t be mailed content they’ve already read. Another turn off.

4. You can’t go back and edit or update! Of course just after I sent out the Newsletter, I opened my own inbox to see how it all played out. Firstly, I had to rummage around and figure out that it had landed in my spam. Once I read through it, I saw two typos. No big deal right. It’s the Internet. People make typos, including me. However, on my blog I can go back into the post and fix it as many times as I want. With a Newsletter, forget it. Those typos are fixed in history.

I’ll share the Newsletter I sent out for fun because most likely, if you’re a subscriber, it went straight to your spam or I stopped the sending before it reached you. In the email, the sections have a colored backgrounds, but I couldn’t seem to get the colors to appear on the post. Oh well.  Anyway, this is where I was headed with it. Let me know what you think of The Great Newsletter Fiasco! (see if you can find the typos lol)

Display problems? View this newsletter in your browser.

I wish I could pull an Oprah and give you all a, gift card to Amazon or a bouquet of flowers or some type of amazing exercise machine, but alas, I can’t afford it. So, instead I’m hoping this Newsletter might function as a big fat thank you to all of you. January has been some month for Prof. Pink Curlers & Post Scripts. With the start of the new year, I’ve had a promotion in my career, a Literary Journal publication, and my fiancé and I have finally started to tackle the task planning our wedding. With all this to be grateful for, I’d love a chance to give back to my subscribers.  What’s kind of neat about the Newsletter system is that it’s exclusive only to subscribers. The content featured here will be perhaps slightly more familiar, knowing that you guys officially like the blog enough to subscribe. It’s going to be Pink Curlers “unveiled.” (I figured it sort of fit with my wedding planning schedule right now).


Wedding Brainstorms

So far, we have a guest list, a date, the venue, a website (though still pretty sparse); we have our block of hotel rooms. I have my exquisite bridesmaids supporting me and my family constantly offering to help. I’m feeling pretty good about the pace of things, but I still can’t help be a little nervous about it all. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever planned, so sharing with you brings some ease.

We plan to marry at my best friends’ parents house. Her mom claims I’m another one of her daughters (I know, too sweet!). I do feel at home there. There’s French doors, a concrete pool patio area asking to be danced on, an acre of deep green healthy grass and a flowery gazebo fit for a ceremony.

Regarding themes and colors, I’m whirling around corals and sea foam greens. Now, for the bridesmaids, I envision light coral (not peach, but not deep coral) dresses and sea foam green heels with a ribbon around the ankles. I know that this look is very “me” and not them. I feel totally weird about asking them to wear an ensemble that could be deemed strange. In my mind, it’s adorable, tropical, pretty and fresh (if that makes any sense). The other side of the coin is the more public “me” that would ask them simply to replace the sea foam shoes for nude pumps, pretty too. Here’s my question: do you really pick ensembles for bridesmaids based completely on want you as the bride wants or do you attempt to incorporate what you “think” they might prefer. And if you’re one of my bridesmaids reading this, lay it on to me straight! What do you think of the colors?

4 Amazing and Random Hacks- just 4 us 😉

1. Use nail polish to camouflage chips, scuffs and dents on any of your heels.

2. If you don’t have weights, carry unopened cans while you do cardio instead.

3. Natural lip balms (like Burt’s Bees for example) can work well as quicky moisturizers. I’ve even put some on my crow’s feet area. It’s a life saver on your hands too, especially if some skin is cracking from dryness.

4. If you have a plastic storage bin that has no where to go, but all the stuff in it needs to be stored,place a pretty table cloth over it and use it as a side table or accent table. I have one that I draped with a satin curtain at the foot of my bed. It’s where we throw our accent pillows when we are ready for bed.


Thanks again, subscribers, for the positive feedback and for making my life more fun, more fulfilled and more pink!


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