Never Say…

Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut...

“Doesn’t he realize he’s in a very public and professional setting?” I thought when a colleague pushed rice onto his fork with his fingers. Are manners unimportant? Let alone, hygiene! I noticed his fingers were greasy from the food pushing as he reached for his handkerchief to blow his nose.

No, he did not excuse himself; he blew it at the table freely, over his lunch plate. I had to keep my mouth shut, steer away from looking grossed out and try my best to not judge. I don’t judge, but I do wonder.

At home or out at a coffee shop with a friend, I would easily squeal, “Helloooo! I’m eating!” But not at work. At work, we are expected to accept the disintegration of table manners, the neglect of hygiene. It feels like I must accept this gross aspect of professionalism because I may come off as intolerant, “OCD,” or worse, “bitchy.”

Call me crazy, but these bad hygiene habits are showing up in professional settings as a pattern. I noted another incident that demonstrates this pattern in Soapduds.

Okay, okay, so we can’t say anything. I know. I admit, I forfeit hygiene for the sake of appearing cool and collected.

Goldie Hawn’s character, however, in the film, Overboard, shamelessly reprimands someone she’s hired. Now, I don’t think any of us should follow this example, but it sure is a refreshing, silly take on the subject, not to mention Goldie’s killer bod and sass. Check out this clip below.

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