Ms. Moore Monday

If you haven’t heard of her, her name is Juanita Moore. She received an Oscar nom for the epic film, Imitation of Life, costarring glamorous Lana Turner.

This movie makes you wonder; it gives you serious perspective into retro society, but even moreso, it gives you insight into today’s society. Its shows the complexity of humanity as well as the particular plight of single mothers. Full of girl power, street smarts and glittering glam, it’s a sight for sore eyes and a kiss for the heart.

Ms. Moore recently passed away last week at the age of 99. This woman broke steel barriers and moved mountains for women in Hollywood. Watching her talent, inspires me to press on, to fight adversity, to aim high and to look fabulous.

Rest in Peace, Ms. Moore.

See this epic film for yourself. I know it’s on Netflix because I just watched it 🙂

Some of Juanita’s shots in the must-see movie, Imitation of Life.


Lana Turner

Juanita did!

Juanita did!


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