Mo’ Monday, Mo’ Money

It’s Monday. How do you feel about this week? Sometimes, I’ll start a week off feeling like Meryl Streep.

Some Mondays, I feel like Courtney Love.

If I actually take a look at some of my weekend patterns of behavior, I can see that usually I feel like Meryl Streep when the two days are a balance of fun, rest and productivity. I feel like Courtney Love when my weekend is nothing but fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both styles all the same, but my more balanced weekends tend to leave me with more energy and money on Mondays.

A “balanced” weekend for me entails of one night out, either friday or saturday, a day dedicated to whatever I want to do (i.e. it can range from going to a music festival to driving North for a little surf, to watching a game with friends, playing a game with friends, to moping around in my pjs all day with a glass of wine and the Marilyn Monroe movie collection) and finally a day of upkeep and recharge.
However, if it’s a weekend with friends visiting for the two days or an out of town wedding, or if I’m feeling a little stir crazy/manic, I may feel exhausted on Monday. Not only might I feel physically depleted on Monday after a manic weekend, but also financially depleted, annoyed that I spent more than usual the past two days on gifts or meals or transportation.

The only way to raise my mood and funds on a Monday after a Bachelorette party weekend, is to plan to make up for the spending during the week.

20140804-105527-39327723.jpgTen Ways to Cut Costs During Your Work Week

1. Avoid walking near the vending machine areas at work (if I don’t buy my daily Diet Coke, I save 8 dollars a week).

2. This seems crazy, but if you run out of anything you might normally run to the store for, don’t! Denying your right to go buy right away will cause you to innovate and make use of materials you already have. For example, instead of buying garbage bags, use the grocery bags under your sink. Or if you run out of soap or shampoo, use some of the hotel soaps and shamps you have stocked under your bathroom sink. You will be surprised how many shopping “emergencies” are not emergencies at all.

3. Raincheck on one outing during the week.

4. Skip desserts.

5. Avoid purchasing any magazines or papers. Read all your usual printed periodicals online for the week.

6. Carpool! It’ll save you a few bucks while you get to know a colleague or two better.

7. Make a promise to bring your lunch and snacks to work all week. If you don’t want to miss out on the social aspects of lunches out with colleagues, go along for the ride. Sip a coffee. Hydrate. You already ate. Who cares if you’re not chowing?! You’re there doing undercover work anyhow or just to chit chat and stretch your legs.

8. Be more aware of how much electricity you’re wasting while both at home and not at home. Only have a light on in the room you’re hanging out in. When you press off on the coffee machine, unplug it too. Unplug as many appliances as you can while you’re at work or simply not using them. Appliances on “Off” still use up some of your energy!

9. If you get the urge to leisure shop, rummage around your closet for a while. I guarantee that you’ll forget about shopping and end up filling bags to take to Goodwill.

10. Eat half of a dinner. Put the rest away for the next day’s dinner (I wouldn’t do this everyday, but we can def afford to do this once a week).

The best thing about trying these tips out for a week is that once you see how easy these little cutbacks are, you will be more likely to think twice next week before buying a soda put of the machine, or dropping 60 bucks on a Happy Hour.

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