The Unlikely Bookworm, Part II: Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List

Learn from the the most well known Hollywood star in the world. Once you read her To Do list you catch an inspirational glimpse.

Words– Find out their meanings  -Marilyn Monroe

Part II, Marilyn Monroe’s To Do List

(For Part I, please click here)

Marilyn Monroe, the most recognizable Hollywood star in the world, had another side to her shimmering coin of a self. She was a bookworm. She pushed herself towards books and higher education as much as she did towards the camera and ill-fitted partners.I'm going to go ahead and say, Marilyn Monroe is a damned and talented poet. Her words carry you to a special, sometimes dark corner of the mind, just as the Sylvia Plath does.

I previously wrote a post about Monroe’s childhood and adolescence, attempting to explain the nature of her character by illustrating her ability to overcome enormous challenges and traumas, to persevere. Below, in her To Do list, we catch a glimpse of the hard working career woman implementing those skills she earned while surviving her past. When you read this, you’ll no longer wonder how she pushed herself so hard to succeed nor how she inevitably earned her place in history.

Marilyn Monroe’s To-Do List

Must make effort to do

must have the discipline to to do the following–

  • z – go to class–my own always–without fail
  • x – go as often as possible to to observe Strasberg’s other private classes
  • g – never miss my actors studio sessions
  • v – work whenever possible–on class assignments–and always keep working on the acting exercises.
  • u – start attending Clurman lectures–also see Lee Strasberg’s directors’ lectures at theater wing–enquire about both
  • l – keep looking around me–only much more so–observing–but not only myself but others and everything–take things (it) for what they (it’s) worth.
  • y – must make strong effort to work on current problems and phobias that out of my past has arisen–making much much much more more more more effort in my analysis. And be there always on time–no excuses for being ever late.
  • w – if possible take at least one class at university–in literature–
  • o – follow RCA thing through.
  • p – try to find someone to take dancing from–body work (creative)
  • t – take care of my instrument–personally & bodily (exercise)

try to enjoy myself when I can–I’ll be miserable enough as it is.

– Marilyn Monroe (Buchthal & Comment 153)Facts that prove Marilyn Monroe was tough as nails. It's hard to make it to the top for everyone, especially for those with difficult childhoods. Marilyn Monroe survived her own childhood troubles and made it to the top.

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