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It seems like in every beauty, health, anti-aging, fashion or skin magazine or blog, the number one tip offered is SPF.  SPF in the morning, on your face, on your neck, in your foundation, on your hands, in your self-tanner, in your BB, CC creams, in your hair products.  This is a beauty, health breakthrough, and our generation is blessed to have discovered the health benefits of skin protection.

When I meander through cosmetic sections, drooling, I have developed an expert skill at spotting products with SPF.  If I see a product that doesn’t offer this feature, it goes immediately back on the shelf.

Thankfully, many of the complexion products include SPF.  However, there is still a staple in my daily make-up wear that neglects to prioritize SPF.  Lipstick!  While I see what feels like millions of ads telling me that a thin, weathered mouth is unattractive and should be avoided, the industry doesn’t supply its consumers with preventative measures easily.

Lipstick is the most fun, delicious, easy to apply, easy to bring along make-up accessory.  I love lipstick.  I love how each brand feels differently, how Rimmel and Loreal’s sticks have a glamorous sweet scent; I love pressing my lips together when I have it on and feeling the slippery creaminess.  As much as I love lipstick, I am so frustrated with it.  Why don’t more of them provide sun protection?

I am pleased with all the glosses, tints and balms that contain SPF.  It’s wonderful, but I am a strange combo of girlie and athletic.  I want a mauve mouth, a peach pout, lilac lips all day.  You won’t believe it, but I feel great having a mauvelous mouth while I surf (I swear I catch more waves and piss the men off more with my potent display of femaleness…it’s great lol). But… I want skin protection!  I don’t want to taste sour sunscreen while I paddle, and balms slip right off.

Amazingly, with my SPF radar vision, I have discovered two affordable products that contain SPF as well as offer the luxurious feel and look of lipstick.  My favorite is Target’s Sonia Kashuk luxe lip color.  They look quite sheek, enough to pull out and reapply during emergencies at work without looking too tacky.  The colors offered are sophisticated and practical for professional settings.  Their best trait is the SPF they offer.

I love the shape of these too.  They're like little building blocks.  I always manage to have two shades in my big purse.

I love the shape of these too. They’re like little building blocks. I always manage to have two shades in my big purse.

Another fun and super affordable product that contains SPF is offered by Wet n Wild.  Most of the colors have a slight shimmer, so I don’t use them at work, but they’re perfect for a day at the beach.  Also, if one gets sandy or melts (I keep mine in the cooler!), they’re only about three bucks.  It’s not too expensive to buy another, so you don’t have to preoccupy yourself too much with storing it properly on a hot summer outing.

But, even with these smart sticks, I’m still not satisfied.  Why?  Because as you know, I’m not just a beach bum, I’m a professional. As much as I enjoy digging around my beach bag and reapplying like an odd vain modern Edie Sedgwick, at work I don’t like having to reapply.  I discovered those “24hr” products that are a two step process.  Those do last pretty long, but they dry me out and if I apply a gloss with SPF over it, it clumps and crumbles into a teeth attaching mess.

I’ve come up with an epic solution.  Not only does this process make your lipstick last and protect your lips, but also it opens the gates to a universe of more color choices. As luxurious as I day-dream to be, in reality, I can’t regularly afford department store makeup.  Needless to say, I am very familiar with drugstore products.  I really love Rimmel’s Kate Moss line, but their 8hr wear claim is (I can rightfully say) is totally false.  I let this slide however, because I love the cute Kate Moss signature on it and I love the perfume scent it carries.

How cute. How can I resist this impractical product?

How cute. How can I resist this impractical product?

Because this trick improves the efficacy of lip wear, now if I use a cheaper lipstick with an amazing color, it won’t come off with one breath and I’m also protecting my delicate mouth skin.

Okay, so what is this trick of the trade?  It’s the simple combination of SPF fortified foundation and whatever lipstick you desire.  The foundation offers protection and functions like a primer that keeps the lipstick on for a much longer amount of time.  It does keep your mouth wear matte, but I like a matte mouth.

First, squeeze a dot of foundation onto your fingertip, then tap your lips until they are completely covered and protected.

nude mouth

Step One, blot foundation onto entire mouth.

Step One, blot foundation onto entire mouth.

Make sure you don’t overdo it.  It needs to be thin enough to dry quickly and not instigate clump.  Once applied, you’ve got an SPFed pout!

Once it’s dry (in my experience it doesn’t really even need time to dry, it just dries.  Remember, this is with foundation, with BBs it may not settle as well), just put on your lipstick like normal, then blot.

Yay, I get to wear this usually disappearing lipstick for hours!

Yay, I get to wear this usually disappearing lipstick for hours!

Now, you can head out into the world fabulous, fancy and well-protected!

Ahh perfect color for work, not super standout, but well marked.

Ahh perfect color for work, not super standout, but well marked.

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