Jus’ relaxin’ in the tub! (10 Things To Do While In The Tub)

The bath tub is for so much more than just a bath
 As a little kid, I had a clear and crystal understanding of the bathtub’s importance. It was a place to rub off dirt or paint, play with shiny plastic toys with plastic hair and plastic eyes, a place to sing Disney songs way too loudly. In other words, the bathtub was so much more than just bath time. Perhaps you’ve see the Seinfeld episode where Cosmo Kramer discovers that he can do the dishes while he takes a shower. It’s an epiphany for him. I don’t suggest doing dishes in the bath, but there’s quite a few things you can do in there to save time, pass time, kill time and unwind.
Jus relaxin in the tub!

10 Bubbleliscious Things to Do in the Tub 

1. Read some fluff & stuff. Aka magazines, self-help books, page-turning novels, international poetry, heck, even comic books. Essentially, read something you normally don’t “have time to read.”

2. Rub off your weekday skin scales, aka exfoliate. Your skin, after soaking for a few minutes, is so easy to tune up in the tub.

3. Deep condition your hair. You finally have those precious moments to just sit there and take care of your hair, and you can conveniently rinse it off just before you step out.

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4. Write in your journal. I’m not saying, sign contracts or grade papers, but write in your at-home notebooks just for you. Today they sell fantastic bamboo bathtub treys for your phone, glass of wine, books etc. Even sans trey though, you can dry your hands off and place the notebook on the tub’s edge. Use pencil in case the paper does get damp.

5. Aromatherapy. Lavender foam bath, a Eucalyptus candle, incense etc. Here is the time and place to really gain the potential benefits of aromatherapy.

10 brilliant things to do while you relax in the bath tub.

…the tub is waiting for you!

6. Your nails. Yup.

7. Get a buzz. Enough said 😉

8. Curl your hair. Not with a hair iron of course, but with your basic pink curlers. Cover them with a bandana or scarf.

Miss pink curlers

Getting ready to go get ’em!

9. Face mask. Go ahead and put that goo and glop on your face without worrying about anyone seeing you or about getting any drops on anything.

10. Listen. To a podcast, music; open the window and listen to the breeze or the rain. My fiance got me a sweet sweet pillow made for the bath tub that sticks to the tub and the tile. Its time to Relax.10 brilliant things to do while you relax in the bath tub.


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