Interior Designing with Your “Other Half”

Design your home together when moving in with your other half

It’s an exciting venture.  We are making our very own nook in the world, building a mini paradise lagoon of our stuff.

Sometimes by bringing together your taste with your other half's will match more nicely than you think

We both have our own little glass ocean pieces, and they go swimmingly well together.

Poetically and romantically I compare moving in with the person you love with a swirl of two ice cream flavors sitting atop the one little ice cream cone.  Together, the flavors work together to taste good, look pretty and balance out each others’ extremes.

At this very moment I’m imagining  mango, vanilla, strawberry, white chocolate, mint. Now you may or may not like these flavors, but that’s the point everyone’s got his/her own taste.Come together like two delicious flavors when designing your home together

Here comes the dream boat with his hypothetical flavors, chocolate, peanut butter cup, mocha, passion fruit.  Flavors I like too, but not necessarily with my mint or mango.Come together like an ice cream swirl when designing your home with your other half

This is where couples collide, while figuring out the right combination of flavors then translating it into interior design/decor.

Sure, simple.  Choose and swirl.  Right?

The process has been pretty smooth and creamy so far.  The combo that we were working with was pretty good.  Until, we hit a hiccup I’ll call, “the Glass Table.”

I thought the glass table was too big and in a dangerous spot, totally putting people at risk for bruises and what not. Especially, me with my manic rushing in the morning.  He, on the other hand, was all for it, the table he had built himself, which I agree is super awesome, “but it’s just not in the right place,” I said.

Yes we spilt some ice cream over it. How to keep your cool when moving in with your significant other

But as the day moved on, ironically, I started to like it and actually said, “ooo it’s so pretty. I put my magazine on it and it seems all fancy.” I’ve already bought some flowers to put on it.  Unexpectedly, dream boat started to not like it because as he phrased it, “that table is dangerous as $hit at night. I almost ran into it!”

I suddenly found myself looking around for some guidance in the process of two different people mixing their flavors effectively.  “Why is every blog about wedding planning and not about all the other stuff?!” I huffed.  This was a total hyperbole, but if you know me, I exaggerate to get my point across (it works too lol).

I looked around for some expertise in the area; needless to say, there is little out there.  I was rummaging through a tech universe for just one post.  After navigating my way around, I finally found a North Star, a post on  It was a validating feeling to see that someone else in the world connected with this big step in my life.

The Lauren Conrad blog itself is super helpful in many ways too.  Stuff is easy to find.  It’s rich with answers.  It’s so big, that Ms. Conrad not only writes her own posts, but has a team of writers and contributors.  Pretty creamy right?  Perfect for assistance in designing an elegant ice cream cone.

So, I will leave you with the post that helped me last night, Living Together: 5 Decorating Tips for Couples.  Hope you enjoy the article and blog as much as I did.  Let me know what you think.

Chocolate & Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate, Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Cheesecake?  Now we are gettin’ somewhere 🙂How to come together like a tasty ice cream swirl when designing your home with your other half


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