The Insight of a Lovebird

So, I won’t be referring to my fiancé anymore throughout some of my articles. He always works as a perfect example or as a character in an anecdote. However, I will be referring to my husband! This past weekend we were married, a long, arduous and expensive process. Many times during the year we considered eloping, fighting for refunds and canceling the whole thing, but, thankfully, we pulled it off and had our fairy tale wedding.

Getting ready for the honeymoon...

Our little family became official! Amazing photos taken by

Monday, we were back to work, with literally only an evening of rest under our belts. Somehow, perhaps still high on wedding magic, we have survived working this week. Now, for the honeymoon.

While my wedding and honeymoon offer me some pretty good excuses to slack off on blog posts, I know there’s many articles to come regarding the experiences I gained at the wedding– including reviews, tips and reflections. With the city of love having been recently terrorized, our love and loyalty to each other seems more important than ever, both for us and for the current societal state of things.

However, right now, I’m too exhausted to dive into much detail. Particularly, regarding the ethereal state of emotion, friendship and bonding that comes with having a wedding. This, I’m sure, will be revealed in a poignant post when I’m both a little more awake and back to business as usual. As a writer, I know better than to dive into emotional and reflective writing too soon after the occurrence. I will say, though, that since the wedding, my husband and I have both expressed a new sense of confidence that we have not experienced before. Essentially, we feel like we could conquer the world together.

rita_y_fenix - Lovebirds - Inseparables
ferran pestaña / / CC BY-SA

I’ll be back soon with the insight of a lovebird.



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