Dog Costumes that will Make you Howl

Dog costumes that will make you howl this Halloween

I remember when only a few years ago, scouring Target for a dog Halloween costume, I had to choose between a “Jailbird” costume or vampire costume. I chose the Jailbird, which was basically a black and white striped onesie that constantly tugged on her chest, slipping down to squish her super stoked wagging tail. It wasn’t the greatest costume for my beloved Ice Cream (my dog’s name), but it was better than the tie dye t-shirt I made her wear the year before, which I called a “hippie” costume.

Today, Halloween speaks woof. The holiday now extends beyond the human population to our pet populations. The furry, friendly, funny, fabulous and four-legged creatures add to the list of sweets that come around on Halloween. I’m no longer contemplating between two or three costumes for Ice Cream; I’m contemplating an infinity of costume options for my pup. Apparently, your pet can literally be anything, even a Victoria’s Secret model.

To add to the animal monster mash, I’ve compiled a list of creative doggy costumes to inspire the festivities this weekend. Even if you have no furry friend, these poochies are chuckle-worthy. They might even inspire human costume ideas…

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“Indiana Bones”

Which is your favorite? What’s your pet going to be this Halloween?

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