Goodbye, Roaring Twenties

Pink twenties

Part I.

Their Roar

Lion Eleanor roosevelt

I’m thirty. I’ll type it out once more. I’m thirty. Thirty years old. Okay, now that I’ve been thirty for almost a week, I can securely say goodbye to my turbulent twenties.

Tsunami zone

My twenties were defiantly roaring. Not only because I happen to be a Leo, but also because every day started like the start of a new adventure movie. Some details to give you a blurry picture of my twenties:

hopped around 4 undergraduate universities (yes, boys, eating disorders and work were involved); lived in a beach shack with 2 giant dogs, a loser boyfriend and then a gnarley surfergirl; almost got arrested for peeing in bushes outside a club (you know how long those lines get!); waited tables and bartended for 8 years (while getting my undergrad); surfed big waves in Costa Rica; stayed in Costa for months at a time; taught sailing every summer for five years; wrote lots of papers that kicked as$; graduated with 3.8 GPA; got a full scholarship and assistantship to grad school; lost hold of my self-Esteem and then found it again; got my second tattoo; painted; wrote; published; wrote about all my adventures; fell in love; finally comprehended the benefits of using calendars; got my first smartphone; started my first blog; got a Writing Residency; published more; ran my fastest road race; rebuilt bridges I had burned; reconnected with beautiful people; wrote my first professional email; crafted my first Curriculum Vitae; survived adventures I can’t remember!

Surfer dogs house

Two dogs, two blocks from the beach, too much drama 😉

In the tiniest nutshell, in my twenties I learned to do things my way. I was pretty unconventional, but now in my thirties, I can look back at all my adventures with both pain and pride and think, look, how much I’ve survived, look how much I’ve seen, look how much I learned, look how brave I am! I have so much empathy for others in a variety of financial or cultural or social circumstances. And just this one outcome is worth all the drama.

Part II.

What to Leave Behind from your 20s

1. The search for immediate satisfaction
2. Impulsivity
3. Pushing your body to unhealthy limits (I’d surf, go to to classes, wait tables, go to a show).
4. Taking unnecessary risks.
5. Diving into anything exciting head first.
6. Getting walked on.
7. Getting used.
8. Taking your talents for granted.
9. Being a cocky contrarian pain in the ass.
10. Thinking you’re fat.

Surfergirl billabong hat

The adventures will hopefully continue!

Here's a mega new adventure: becoming a strong public speaker...gulp!

Here’s a mega new adventure: becoming a strong public speaker…gulp!

Part III.

What to Keep from Your 20s

1. Energetic competitiveness.
2. Some of that cockiness.
3. The drive to explore.
4. Discovering more of your own talents.
5. The joy of leisure.
6. Being able to ask a family member or friend for help.
7. Pushing your body to healthy limits.
8. Nourishing and thriving in your unique creativity.
9. Taking a few potentially profitable risks.
10. Prioritizing your passions (like writing, dogs and surfing).

Some things from your twenties are def worth holding on to.

Some things from your twenties are def worth holding on to.

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