Fluffy, White & Fresh

You'll never guess what products you have in your cabinets that are better than dry shampoos and whitening kits

I love fluffy messy movie star hair like Bridget Bardot’s cotton ball teased hairdo.Learn the easiest way to get big, fluffy, fresh hair.  Sometimes glam doesn't cost a thing.

Alas, I have thin hair without body.  If I’m going for a Gwyneth Paltrow look, my hair can be a blessing, but if I want big & Bardot, it’s a whole other ball game.  It’s taken me a lot of hairspray, mousse, thickening sprays and shampoos to realize that what makes my hair most fluffy and Bridget is not found in the hair products aisle.  And the best whitner is not located in the toothpaste section.

I find fluffy, white & fresh in my cabinets at home.

Two Random Thingies Already in Your Home that’ll simplify your morning routine and add a sparkle to your step.

1. Corn Starch

Dirty hair? Stop buying the 18 dollar sticky “dry shampoo” sprays and grab corn starch.

For darker hair colors/brunettes: Put a little bit of the starch on your finger tips and sort of dab blend in. My friend with luminescent long dark brown hair taught me this while we were staying in a hostel in cold Chicago for a two day Writer’s conference. It was brilliant because I didn’t have to freeze my butt off with wet hair after washing and my hair was styled all three days.

For lighter hair colors/blondes: Corn starch works too, but also baby powder. You can tape a few of the holes up on the bottle and sprinkle. Trial sizes are are great for traveling or even your purse.

To get the big hair, sprinkle this snow on your roots, back comb or tease your hair at the crown.  Use the front part of your hair to cover the knotty mess.  Pull it back as though making a ponytail, then clip!  A spritz of hair spray helps keep it in place for longer periods of time.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Whiten!A lot of professionals make an effort to whiten their teeth.  It can be costly and sometimes cumbersome or painful even.  Try this do-it-yourself trick instead.

Whiten your nails by wetting a nail or toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide and give your tips a little scrub routinely.

Whiten your teeth by holding Hydrogen Peroxide in the front of your mouth for thirty seconds. Dispel it into your sink, then floss and brush. You can also dip the floss into the peroxide before flossing. Brush as usual.

Happy fluffy white!There's no need to schedule an appointment with the dentist to whiten or but a thirty dollar dry shampoo for fluff. The products you need are already in your cabinets and not in the beauty section. Check out these easy DIYs.& Happy Fluffy Flamingo Friday!Keep your hair fluffy & fresh with these easy homemade solutions.Keep your hair fluffy and fresh as flamingo feathers with surprising products

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