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Fairy dust or Eye shadow? Both! 4 ways to use all those eye shadows you never use other than on your eyes. It's literally the perfect powder.

Fluff, fluff & more fluff.  It could be the insane amount of work and writing career stuff I’ve had to keep up with all week, or it could be another obsession, but this week and last week I noticed I have been writing more fluffy pieces than usual.  It even shows in the last few posts.  It’s like all the square emails and paper work and grading and small talk has sucked the sharpness out of my writing.

I panicked a little today worrying about the novel that’s waiting for me to work on it at my Writer’s Residency, and I sweat a little at the thought of the manuscript pile of poetry waiting for me to organize and send it out.  In grad school all I cared about was my book, and now I keep putting it last on my “need-to-do” list.

I know. I know. Eventually, the routine will settle in, and I’ll be able to dive into the hot tubs of my brains. For now, due to my brain’s strike, Fluff it will be!Fairy dust or Eye shadow? Both! 4 ways to use all those eye shadows you never use other than on your eyes. It's literally the perfect powder.

4 Ways to Use your Loose Eye Shadows other than on your eyes.

1. On your nice nails. Dip your eyeshadow brush lightly in the shimmery powder. Tap it on the rim. Then very lightly tap some powder over your wet nailpolish. Poof! You have the most delicate sheen on your nails. So much prettier and more subtle than straight metallic.

Once the eyeshadow settles in and the color is dry, paint a top coat to seal the chic (you can also add it to a manicure from yesterday by painting a top coat, then shimmying the shadow, then painting another top coat).

2. On your matte manicure! Another way of using the polish/eyeshadow combo is with a matte top coat. I can’t really figure out how to describe it, but it’s got its own unique texture, and offers a new pretty look.

2. On your artsy stuff. When the paint, glue, or gloss you’re using is still wet, on your painting, scrapbook, holiday cards, ceramics or collage throw down some fairy dust! The delicate of the eyeshadow is so much less elementary school than glitter.

Mermaids aren't the only ones that can have the perfect shimmer in their nails.  Try using your loose eyeshadow in 4 ways other than on your eyes.

Mermaids aren’t the only ladies with the most perfect shimmer. Got this glam mermaid makeup thanks to FASHIONCHALET.net, a BFF blog of mine!

3. On the flowers you just bought. Tell your guests a fairy lives in them 😉 if they can’t find her tell them to use their imaginations.

For eyeshadow that you’ll want to use on your eyes, take a look at this luxe orchid-like shade from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Orchid eyes… MarcJacobsBeautyMarcJacobsBeauty
Click on the Marc Jacobs pics above to see more… 🙂

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