Epic Toys Back From the Dead

Let me waste your time and give your brain a break.

It’s throwback Thursday–a perfect excuse to reminisce over the past. It’s a past that no longer exists not only because, well, time passes, but also because we’ll never be little kids again. Today, I see lots of awesome “new school” toys I know nothing about being carried around by awesome hyper little kids. Meanwhile, at the same time, I see a few I sort of recognize, that sort of look like things I played with…Epic toys back from the dead

Is it? Could it be my first crush, Michelangelo, the stalky, pizza head, surfer-ish, ninja prodigy, teen turtle? It looks like him, but not really. Apparently, it is him.

Epic toys back from the dead

Here’s the Michelangelo I remember.

Our favorite characters of the past are alive and beyond well. Rainbow Dash, the My Little Pony with sky powers, is up controlling the weather again. Twilight Sparkle sparkles as a bookworm, and Papa Smurf is still a little polygamy-ish. Polly Pocket should now be called Polly Purse because today, there’s no way she can fit in a pocket. The Carebears are little brighter and somewhat slimmer. Our magical, awkward little friends are back, sort of.


Epic toys back from the dead.

Remember when Polly’s whole universe was the size of your smart phone?

Epic toys back from the dead

This Rainbow Dash I think used hot rollers.

There’s still those epic eighties toys that haven’t been revived, but I won’t be surprised if in a year or two they are. Maybe Teddy Ruxpin will talk with a deeper voice and have a six pack. And the Popples will have lost weight, started taking adderall and begun saving the world. Who knows.

Epic toys back from the dead

Epic toys back from the dead


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