A Rookie with Diamonds

I'm just getting used to wearing this ring. I don't know what my wedding's theme will be!

Wearing this diamond on my finger feels like nothing else, a prism shimmering with the magic of marriage to come.

As soon as he popped the question, a weight that I never consciously knew I carried, floated off my shoulders. Suddenly, this major part of my life that I had always worried about, that my family always wondered about, that my friends always anticipated, was taken care of.  Ironically, I surprisingly felt more at ease with the world. Immediately following my yes, we were literally in our own floating bubble.  I felt light as a cotton ball.Being newly engaged requires a whole new set of social skills
Our bubble suddenly burst as we made the expected phone calls.  We were bombarded with questions we were unarmed for.  “When is the wedding?” “Where are you guys going to have it?” “Are you moving in together?” “Are you guys gonna stay here or move?”  The worst questions were the ones with a not so subtle judgmental tone. “How long have you been dating?” “Did he ask your parents?” Seriously?! He did, but still, sort of personal right?

I am just going to share the two top comments that jarred my whole day the most. “You know there’s a fifty percent higher chance of your marriage ending in divorce if you decide to move in together now.” Chipper right? And the worst, “Whoever imagined Nicole would finally get married!” Thanks for always believing in me…

I am grateful the interrogations have slowed down (a bit). Although, people are already designing the wedding (that has no date yet) and insisting on where it should be. I am excited for the wedding, but I am more excited for my life.

Being newly engaged requires a whole new set of social skills

Seascape cake at a local bakery, a potential candidate?

Mind you, I’ve never been engaged before, but even after the many clichés I have heard about overbearing families planning weddings, I am still taken aback by how hyper-focused everyone is on the wedding, not the finding of a life partner. It is just like the movies!

I feel like a puppy thrown into a pool figuring out how to swim. The nice thing is that now if I do start to feel like I’m sinking, my fiancé is there to help, and my ring will always sparkle.

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