The Diamond and the Marc Jacobs Watch

Why you should always wear a watch to professional events.

It’s subtle, but not subtle enough that you don’t notice that slightly “more eager to please” tone in the cashier’s voice, that colleagues who have never spoken to me before greet me on a first name basis suddenly, how quickly store clerks ask me if I need any help finding anything.

“Isn’t strange how people treat you differently?” my dad asked when I told him I was wearing the watch my parents gave me for my recent birthday (the big 30! or as my friend hilariously texted me the day of, “welcome to the dirty thirties”). It’s good to know I’m not imagining things.

My dad’s question sprouted from his own awareness and experiences, yet without a thought, he knew I too would automatically encounter this shift in my social surroundings. I first noted this change with my engagement ring, but now with the watch, it’s undeniable.Why people treat others differently when an engagement ring or a Marc Jacobs watch enters the ring

What is it about the bling on my finger and the rose gold on my wrist that instantly changes outsiders’ interactions with me?

Do I seem more wealthy? A definite potential answer, but if that were the case why would the interactions with my coworkers feel differently too? Older?  I doubt I’ve aged that much in one birthday. The only thing I can imagine is that engagement ring and the watch are symbols for something.

When I told my fiancé that I feel that people respond differently to me, he said astutely, “Well yeah! It means you can handle it!” “Of course,” I said, but I still wondered exactly what “it” is that I “can handle.” Does this mean I can handle taking care of nice things? (This still up in the air!). After ruminating over all these questions I conclude that the ring indicates stability, an ability to sustain a long term healthy relationship, a decision, trust, dependability, loyalty. Right? How do you feel about this observation? Does anyone else have a similar experience?

As for the watch, well, I think people just like bling 😉

Why people treat others differently when an engagement ring or a Marc Jacobs watch enters the ring

All we can do is keep going and see what comes next.

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