My Creativity Binges

I’m on a creativity binge. It’s been ongoing for two days. It started with this painting of a gun I’m working on, but that ended in disaster. I painted the corner black, and it gave it a little something, but blah. I was totally unimpressed. Then I wandered into remembering the Christmas gifts I gave some friends and family this past Xmas; I had managed to make these sturdy little shell hair clip/barrettes for everyone. I have an abundant treasure chest of sea shells left over from the wedding,

My creativity binges--the shell story

I looked back down at my painting. Annoyed at the pasty shade of turquoise I had just mixed up, I abandoned it. I pulled out the craft boxes, as well as my bags and bags of shells. I have been binging on shell hair accessories for 48 hrs. I should mention we are also in the process of moving to the beach which is very exciting, glorious and sandy. I assume the two things are somehow tied psychologically to each other–shell barrettes + beach apartment. They do make a nice pair.

Regardless, this shell thing is what I’ve been into all day. And right now, I finally got an inspiring vision for the gun painting–a dark shade of salmon somewhere. But the shell stuff is everywhere, so the painting stuff doesn’t dare show its face to me right now.

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