Classics Know Best

Okay, so maybe there’s lots of big hair and outdated technology, but this classic movie illustrates our current battles as professionals still today. You wouldn’t believe it! When I first saw this film, I felt extremely entertained by not only Harrison Ford’s perfect demo of young successful and handsome male professional but also Melanie Griffith’s vulnerability and style, so very Marilyn Monroe.  There’s Sigourney Weaver’s perfect display of a privileged backstabbing b$*ch alongside Joan Cusack who plays a rainbow colored, big haired loyal best friend. Alec Baldwin, skinny and smooth, plays the guy we all dated at one point and knew as the bad boy but now know as the loser that cost us too much. There’s makeovers, money, parties, board meetings, prescription pills, sex, glamour and booze. Above all, it’s a legit story about a beautiful woman who empowers herself against all odds and finds out what a real relationship feels like. Needless to say, this movie is a real winner, and a keeper. It’s one of those that becomes a good girlfriend.

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