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How to Become Hotter in Five Seconds (without surgery)

5 Ways to Become Hotter in Less Than 5 Seconds: To be hot in America today calls for a myriad of juxtapositions and strange inaccuracies. The media seems to want us to have big butts, big lips and big breasts, while we somehow simultaneously maintain a tiny waist, a thigh gap and no back fat. In a natural biological sense, this is an outright impossible feat.

So, the only option for “hotness” is surgery, according to pop culture. Otherwise, how else am I going to grow boobs and carve out a six pack at once? In a moment of trippy contemplation on the way home, it occurred to me that all these surgical trends are essentially bloody ways of turning us …

South Florida’s Social Snake: Sneaky Forms of Sexual Harassment on the Street

6 Sneaky Forms of Sexual Harassment:It's unbelievable. It feels like a time warp. This also highlights the major behavioral gap between professionals and non-professionals. While sexual harassment is less tolerated in a professional work environment, it still reigns our streets. Most noticeable are the loudest forms. For example, a few quick honks, basic cat-calling or whistling and my least favorite, the looooong squeaky kiss. The other day as I waited for my dog to finish her business, I was labeled a "mami" by some shirtless hairy gut riding his bicycle.

The bright green flier hangs proudly on the bulletin board just across my office door. It offers a quick overview of sexual harassment in the workplace and useful phone numbers. Luckily, I work in a place that has little tolerance for unprofessional and unwelcome behavior so I’ve never had to read it too closely. But …

20 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom

In keeping with tradition as well as honoring its altruistic roots, why not celebrate Mother's Day with environmentally friendly gifts? Mother's Day is a day for all mothers-- including our majestic Mother Earth, the mother we all share.

Believe it or not, Hallmark did not invent Mother’s Day. Yes, the corporations inevitably usurped it for themselves, but Mother’s Day was initialized by a woman named Anna Jarvis, who struggled to protect it from commercialism her entire life. Mother’s Day is rooted in philanthropy. It was a day for women to freely tend to …

How Defunding Planned Parenthood Damages Men’s Health

It's name "Planned Parenthood," labels it as a center for two parents; categorizing this healthcare service as a women's issue overshadows the crucial healthcare it provides for men. Lesser known are the many services Planned Parenthood offers men and couples. Rather than stress the negative effects of defunding Planned Parenthood on one gender, it is much more lucrative to focus on both genders, both parents. Men rely on this healthcare service as much as women directly and indirectly.

Trump’s signature has (once again) ignited global concern about the state of women. Today, Thursday 4/13, President Trump signed a bill that gives states the option of defunding their Planned Parenthood programs (New York Times). Planned Parenthood is a global healthcare provider that offers medical services associated with reproductive health. It has become a symbol for …

What It’s Like To Be Stalked in Graduate School

When I was stalked in graduate school, at first, I didn't realize it. The stalker was a classmate in our program. This complicated the situation because as students we are all forced to work together and share contact information for group projects and school events. Initially the flood of emails I was receiving from this one person arrived enmeshed with all my other emails, camouflaging the oddity of his behavior. When his next avenue of communication became texting, I really started to feel the burden of being stalked.

Being stalked is like getting locked into a room that no one knows you’re in. It can feel incredibly isolating because it’s a solitary experience. The stalker, obsessed with you, only affects you, making it difficult others to fully empathize. When I was stalked in graduate school, at first, I didn’t realize it. The stalker …

6 Game Changing Tips for Shopping on Amazon

Like Tarzan, I explore Amazon's deepest jungles for the best deals and one-of-a-kind products. It's an endless expedition that leads shoppers into paths with names "Customers also bought," "You might also like" or "Sponsored related products." Take a wrong turn in this jungle, and you might end up miles away from the item you were looking for. It's hard to stay on track when you're shopping on Amazon. It's easy to spend too much money. It's impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the millions of brands (most you probably haven't heard of). 6 Game Changing Tips For Shopping on Amazon

Like Tarzan, I explore Amazon’s deepest jungles for the best deals and one-of-a-kind products. It’s an endless expedition that leads shoppers into  paths with names “Customers also bought,” “You might also like” or “Sponsored related products.” Take a wrong turn in this jungle, and you might end up miles away from the item you were …

How To Easily Propagate More Basil

How to Propagate Basil:I considered starting from scratch; I could buy another sac of seeds. But these basils had been good to me before I left them, rich with flavor. Rather than start from seed, I decided to propagate from the plants I already have. It's a win-win for all of us: the plants pass on their genetics, and I get more basil for free.

I had to leave my plants alone and unattended for a couple of weeks. I overwatered on the way out the door and hoped for the best. When my husband and I returned from our holiday, most of the plants looked terrible but alive. The basils, which really need a lot of water, were in …

How to Buy an Original Art Piece

Her comment about the art "connecting with you" echoes in my busy head. The process of purchasing art has nothing to do with home decor trends or aesthetics or color schemes; it's a highly personal experience. You can't google the question, "is this sculpture a good investment?" Buying art embraces spontenaity and self-confidence. It's a strategy that we aren't used to.

A wall of art blocked my view of the green sand dunes and beach volleyball courts; live music rode each beach breeze with excitement. My husband and I meandered through the artists’ booths and arepa stands. Each white tent hosted a myriad of imagery. We admired a few items here and there, a necklace with …

9 Creative Ways To Reduce Waste

I can't believe I had not thought of these earlier!

That one little snack of blueberry yogurt you devoured in two minutes yesterday will cost the planet 500 years of work, so will the one Diet Coke you had years ago. At least the banana peel from this morning will only take about 3 or 5 weeks to decompose. But how disgraceful is it that one …


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