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How To Make Rose Water: Roses Are So Much More Than Pretty

How To Make Rose Water: An easy DIY recipe for this luxurious beauty potion.

It’s time to respect roses for more than just their looks. Yes, roses are romantic, soft and sweetly scented. They bring luxury to a living room, intimacy to a bedroom and love into an office. But did you know they can improve the health of your skin? You might consider roses the new aloe vera. …

The 4 Best Amazon Prime Yoga Videos for Beginners and Intermediates

4 Best Yoga Videos on Amazon Prime: Based on setting, teacher, music and sequence, I have compiled a list of my favorite yoga videos on Amazon Prime. If you already have Prime, then you're good to go. If you don't, aside from the shipping perks as well as all the television and movie entertainment, you might consider getting the service simply for the fitness and yoga videos.

I live in a riptide of contradictions, on a world famous beach with turquoise crystal clear water, white sands and pretty calm surf, but it’s unfortunately not the most relaxing place in the world. There’s the natural elements of the area– the elements I adore, like the beach, the sand dunes, the running paths, the seaside …

7 Lifesaving Tips for Getting Off ADHD Meds, especially Vyvanse

7 Tips for Getting Off ADHD Stimulant Medication:I will tell you right now: You will feel sick and achey. You will feel depressed. You won't want to do anything. You will be mad at everyone and everything. You will crave your meds. Even with all this ahead of me, I felt prepared for it. I am lucky to have summers off which gave me plenty of time to adjust without the stress and responsibilities of work. But even if you are working full time while trying to stop ADHD meds, there's still ways of making it a more manageable experience.

Last month, after about seven years, I stopped taking my ADHD medication called, Vyvanse. The last post I wrote was all about my journey of starting up and being on Vyvanse. I promised readers a part 2 about getting off the medication, but I would like to wait a while longer before writing it. I …

Getting On and Off Vyvanse: My Personal Journey With ADHD Medication. Part 1

It wasn't until graduate school that I got an official diagnosis of ADHD. This more professional and prestigious environment drove me to see a psychiatrist. Again, I felt I was missing marks, but this time the marks were much bigger and more important. More was at stake, and I noticed that distractions got the better of me while my peers seemed to easily make deadlines and follow directions. In grad school, I had to partake in professional meetings where I struggled to sit still. The challenges I could once skirt or overcome before were now tougher and unavoidable in this rigorous academic environment.

I was in the fourth grade, the grade when everyone slowly switched from writing in pencil to pen. On the very last day of classes, I realized I still had not been given the “okay” to write in pen. My little heart fluttered nervously; I could feel my face grow hot as I imagined entering …

How to Become Hotter in Five Seconds (without surgery)

5 Ways to Become Hotter in Less Than 5 Seconds: To be hot in America today calls for a myriad of juxtapositions and strange inaccuracies. The media seems to want us to have big butts, big lips and big breasts, while we somehow simultaneously maintain a tiny waist, a thigh gap and no back fat. In a natural biological sense, this is an outright impossible feat.

So, the only option for “hotness” is surgery, according to pop culture. Otherwise, how else am I going to grow boobs and carve out a six pack at once? In a moment of trippy contemplation on the way home, it occurred to me that all these surgical trends are essentially bloody ways of turning us …

Refresh Your Home With Mint Green

Perhaps the most refreshing shade of green is mint. Though it is typically envisioned as a sweet and dainty pastel color, when used on an accent wall or on a unique piece of furniture, the power rather than the pastel of mint green unveils itself. A mint accent wall makes a small space feel larger, while also alleviating anxieties from the mind. It calms the senses and encourages imagination.

Like ying yang, the color, green, conveys two opposites effectively: it  stimulates as it soothes. We feel recharged and calm at the same time, filled with positive energy. It is the power of green, which manages to resonate without inner energy, rebalancing us (Color Psychology). You can bring the healing benefits of nature indoors with …

15 Ways to Style Your Succulents

15 Ways to Style Succulents: There's a common joke that succulents are perfect for the laxy gardener, but they are also perfect for designers. Succulents are the royalty of indoor gardens. Because they are so easy to please they can be maneuvered and styled in creative ways, bringing color and Mother Earth to stuffy rooms. They tend to require less soil, less water, and they clean air very efficiently. As I begin to brainstorm my new succulent project, I have found some innovative design inspirations. Here's a few looks I may implement that will hopefully inspire you too.

“Somebody went shopping!” I gasped upon learning that three of my potted plants had been stolen while our apartment was being tented. To protect them from the toxic chemicals, I placed them in the outdoor courtyard, completely convinced they would be fine. Nowhere in any corner of my mind did I think someone would steal …

10 Innovative Ways to Use Hammocks Indoors

In the 1920s, women would use hammocks to keep their babies from crawling around the house. And long before that, hammocks were hung inside the cabins of ships, freeing up space for storage and seating areas. Though times have changed, and hammocks have been replaced by play pens and bunks, they still offer unique health benefits and appealing aesthetics. Hammocks improve quality of sleep and encourage relaxation.

Within a few seconds I had become a pea inside a pod. We were six or seven years old. It was a rainy summer day in the Dominican Republic. As our parents played dominoes inside, my little friends and I, bored, creative and without electricity, discovered that we could roll each other up in the …

4 Low Calorie Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

4 Low Calorie Tequila Drinks---stay skinny this cinco de mayo!

Mexican cuisine is wrongfully typecast as cheesy, greasy and fatty. Margaritas are labeled as high-calorie and high-sugar drinks. So, when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, the holiday becomes an excuse to gobble deep fried taquitos, greasy quesadillas and sweet frozen drinks. However, Cinco de Mayo does not have to be a bloat causing, fattening food …


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