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The best of Pink Curlers & Post Scripts 2014

This past year, I began the journey of cultivating my own blog. The blog began as small scented candle in the decorum of my life; now it’s ignited into a chandelier that I polish and upkeep. I joke with people that my blog is like an adult version of a Giga pet or Tamagatchi (if you can remember these tiny virtual pets kids used to carry around on their key chains to obsessively take care of).The best & brightest posts of Pink Curlers & Post Scripts 2014

While my professional and leisure lives have always revolved around creative processes, the ignition of the blog was a foreign experience. I worried what my more academic/intellectual type peers might consider it. Would they think it’s too basic? Too commercial? Too girly? Would my artsy friends find it too mainstream? Would I lose credibility in the poet’s social circles? Has my writing down graded? Have I sold out on my activist/unconventional/educator identity?

Converse to all my paranoid thinking, the blog has been warmly welcomed and supported by my family, friends and colleagues. It’s allowed me to not only express and improve my strategies on life but to also assist so many readers seeking some support or inspiration. Looking back to the first blog post and all the way through to yesterday’s style sets, I have learned so much about blogging and technology. More importantly, I have learned about my public, professional development as it relates to my personal, identity development.

The Great Pink Curlers & Post Scripts experiment has proved itself to be a worthy endeavor, deserving of my efforts and attention. It’s another branch on my tree that holds itself up sturdily and continues to grow. Looking forward to another year of growth! Thank you so much for all your support and readership!! Cheers to you, my fellow adventurers of life! Enjoy the best of this past year’s posts below.

Some Diamonds in The Blog’s 2014: A Collection of The Most Popular Posts Thus Far

Goodbye, Roaring Twenties

I’m thirty. I’ll type it out once more. I’m thirty. Thirty years old. Okay, now that I’ve been thirty for almost a week, I can securely say goodbye to my turbulent twenties… read more

His Shiny Guitars and Spirited Banjo

It seems that my fiancé and I have discovered the perfect ice cream cone. You most likely remember from a previous post, Interior Designing with your Other Half, I compared decorating with a significant other to swirling two flavors of ice cream together that should eventually result in a delicious dessert, a two toned ice cream cone… read more.

The Grumpies

The Grumpies invades your workplace when one colleague carries the Grumpy germ to work. Sometimes, you may be carrying the Grumpies and not even realize it… read more.

Make Your Life a Love Story

Before I fell in love, really fell in love, these traits of Disney stood out the most to me. I felt betrayed by all the beautiful movies. As a little girl, I viewed romance in an enchanting light, but as a young woman, I did not. In fact, many times it felt like there was no light, like relationships were wholly and completely the strict opposite of Disney’s pictures. So, of course I closed my door to the world of love and magic. Needless to say, I went through a decade of frogs… read more.

Purify Your Space: 12 Ways to Arrange Flowers & Water

Sometimes, I need the water to be closer. I need the green to be nearer to me. Aside from my potted palm, I relish in the splendor that a vase of freshly cut flowers brings to me and the apartment. I’m more likely to relax even just a little bit by seeing the container of clear water and green stems from the corner of my eye. So, because I get so much from such a small detail, I decided to share with you a list I made… read more.

I’m Blonde. I Don’t Understand

“I thought you were a student!” I hear this from colleagues too often. My appearance has betrayed my authority for as long as I can remember… read more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation 

Think of a pinball machine, how the ultimate goal is to not let the pinball fall back down into the machine. This is how I meditate. I’m constantly trying to bounce my thoughts away from the my imaginary mind’s eye. It is as tough as it sounds. Actually, lately it’s been even tougher for me… read more.

Which are your favorites?

HAVE THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR!!The best and brightest posts of 2014

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