Will the New Belle Have Brains?

Emma Watson who is so much more than a famous actress...

It took me some time to get used to Emilie de Ravin playing Belle on the television series, Once Upon a Time. I knew her from the show, Lost, and it took a few episodes for me to perceive her as a Belle rather than as a scruffy survivor. Now, I’ll have to get used to a new Belle all over again.

Emma Watson will star as Belle in the forthcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast.

Watson, who is known for her brains and her beauty, has chosen to play a character named Beauty (aka Belle). Of course Watson is beautiful, but she is also an intellectual philanthropist, a speaker at the UN, a spokesperson for the “heforshe” campaign and a famous actress.

I hope that by taking on a role with the name, Beauty, Watson is not abandoning her intellectual persona. Hopefully by casting Watson, Belle’s character will be more known for her books than her beauty.

Watson is starring alongside Dan Stevens, Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline in the upcoming film.

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