Beautiful but Low-maintenance Home Ideas

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier

In the chaos of calendars & planners, there is never enough time to take care of my place. It’s a cliché story: after working all day, I don’t have the energy or time to worry about the state of my home.

However, as you lovely readers know from last week’s Interior Designing with your Other Half, my fiancé and I are moving in together. So many changes are happening, and they’re happening fast. I’m freaking out from excitement. I can’t wait to know every night from now on, we will have mutual support, laughs to bounce back and forth and memories to make.

Underneath all this picturesque anticipation, lies another feeling, worry! I imagine any one feels some form of worry when another person is entering his/her home life. I guess there can be concerns about privacy or trust or finances. My worry comes from my daily battle with….. messiness!  I’m not currently worrying about being with another person or sharing space etc like I assume most others probably would be; I’m worried about my bad home-care habits.

My whole life, I’ve hated picking up after my own sh*#. The last thing I want to do is put my slacks away to avoid the giant mountain of dirty clothes or to wash the two dishes I just used to avoid the mountain of pots and plates a few days later. Then inevitably, I am always screwed by these bad habits. I end up having to deal constantly with “catching up.” It’s funny because I’m not like this with work or blogging or painting or working out, only with house keeping. Ugh.

Back to the point, now that my life is changing, I’m really going to have to buckle down and face this personal nuisance. I know for a fact I will hire help as soon as I can afford it. I’d rather have an amazing talented house keeper than all the diamonds in the world! But right now obviously, I can’t afford either, so I will have to make do.

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier.

One day this will be above my bed. Until then… 🙂

Here’s what I want and maybe you do too: a pretty place to relax in, to decorate, to entertain that’s not sort of clean with my dog’s hair creeping in toward the coffee table or the pile of my nice work clothes that I abandon to the hands of my bathroom counter, but actually clean, sparkling clean.

Little by little, I’m winning mini-battles here and there against my at-home procrastination. Mind you, I’m a total rookie when it comes to home-care. I simply learn a tiny lesson everyday. So I’m hoping the little things I’ve figured out so far about running a home might help you too or perhaps spark some new ideas in your head.

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Little Prettier & Your Life a Little Easier

1. “A must” recent discovery: keep cute little floor mats in all the right places. For example, I keep one right in the spot that my feet touch just before bed. This keeps any weird “who knows what” from the floor out of my bed sheets. I also keep a little mat in the sliding door entrance to my balcony. I never realized how much potting dirt I tracked all over the house until I put a cream colored mini-rug down there. Whoa! That mat is a life saver.

2. Flowers! A vase of flowers even in the messiest room will stand out like a star, detracting from any clutter (or in my case right now, “moving-in boxes” clutter).

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier

The power of your flowers!

3. Keep those multi-purpose disinfectant wipes all over! I keep them handy, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. A) it helps me keep stuff more sparkly. B) if someone stops by unannounced you can subtly, quickly wipe down a counter or sink.

4. Mini & pretty boxes. If I’m at TJ Maxx or Micheal’s and I see a cute storage box on sale, I buy it. These little guys can be decorative and can harbor random little things that can make a place cluttered. Pick some you like, that way if you have to look at them, you will enjoy them 🙂

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier

Box magic: watch your clutter disappear!

5. Buy a cute broom and keep it in a handy place. I recently bought a hot pink light weight broom at Ross; I keep it next to my fridge. This way I’m more likely to sweep up a bit here and there. If I know I’m entertaining, then I take it out of sight.

6. A yummy candle. This is another visual distraction from clutter. It’s also an excellent last minute go-to if someone shows up with little notice.8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier

7. When a wave doubles-up, every surfer knows not to go for it. When it comes to home-keeping, doubling-up is a good thing. As avid movie watchers, my fiancé and I have a surround sound system, but apartments offer little space for hiding speakers. So, I’ve learned that speakers make great side tables. Double-up and make your speakers helpful tables.

8 ways to make your home prettier and your life easier

Coffee table?

8. Plants. House plants help keep your air clean and fresh as well as add vitality to the space. A plant demonstrates your ability to caretaker as well as add vibrant life to your home.

Hope these help! What awesome little things make your home-keeping easier?

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