Add a Little Weekend to Your Weekdays

Sounds dangerous right? Not always the case. I don’t recommend sleeping in late or drinking Mojitos during the day, but there’s a few gems growing dusty all week that may actually enhance your workdays.

There’s such a rigid divider placed between Friday and Saturday. It’s so stiff and strict, yet it’s literally not real. I admit that I delude myself into thinking this division actually exists, that I might run into it and lose my head. Really, why does this mentally created boundary keep us so encased? Think about it.

I found myself living 5 days out of the 7 day week in a disciplined mindset. I denied myself certain rights like lush desserts, a trip to the dog park (my dog even gets stuck in this work week cycle with me!), picking a wine to go with dinner, watching a whole movie, taking a bubble bath, doing my dorky arts & crafts, driving to a nature trail for a run, buying a magazine, attending a poetry reading, showing my spunk…the list is too long.

I am sure this compartmentalized thinking stems from fearful thoughts like, “if I stay up too late, I won’t perform well or I might be late,” “if I eat a slice of chocolate cake on a Wed. night, I won’t fit into my slacks tomorrow.” Yes, these things may happen, but I have experienced different results. For example, I tend to think I should not take the time during a work week to take my dog on a hike; I should just stay home, use my air climber and save the time and gas. However, I challenged myself and took my dog on a hike– during the untouchable 5 days. I realized the pros outweighed the cons.20140630-204344-74624270.jpg

The next day at work, I felt rejuvinated, refreshed and elite. I felt like a unique and more exciting person. This provided me with a different type of confidence that is not accessible from rigid thinking. It sort of asserted my sense of self; by stepping out of the routine, I came across new energy. I accessed the very individual and unique interests that vary from that of my colleagues’.

Keeping tabs on my-self keeps me healthier, happier and more impassioned. When I nurture my non-career related interests, I feel more in control, as in “I am me with or without my job.” This leads me toward innovative ideas, improved productivity and heightened focus.

Loving my likes empowers me because it demonstrates that I am not just another employee under the thumb of another employee; I am me.

Give it a shot this week; enrich yourself with positive results. Start slowly; this should be a part of healthy living that heightens success. It should not derail. Just like any other forms of self-improvement, it’s up to you to find the perfect balance for you.

5 ideas to get you started:
1. Cook a meal you have never cooked before, one that requires focus and artistry.
2. Exercise outdoors.
3. Watch a whole movie, one that someone has been recommended recently.
4. Start a new book, one that you pick out of curiousity, one that no one has recommended to you.
5. Do some light research on anything that might interest you such as an Old Hollywood actress, a mythical creature, some do-it-yourself fix-it technique, a random question you always seem to ask yourself about the moon or panda bears.

Rummage through your responsibility-packed brain and dust off the goods.

Marilyn did!

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