Add a Little Weekday to Your Weekend

Sounds insane right? Perhaps it is, but like I talked about in the post, Add a Little Weekend to Your Weekdays, there’s some logic behind my theory on de-segregating the days of our week. If you mellow out the boundaries between workweek and weekend, some workweek is bound to seep into your weekend.

Have you ever found yourself sprawled out on some comfortable cloud like your sofa, your lounge chair, indoor hammock or your bed, zonked out, burned out from a hell of a week and stressed out about the family BBQ tomorrow. Above all, you’re mostly stressed about the Tuesday deadline (“who gives deadlines so early in the week?” you complain to yourself) or the piles of papers you have to grade, the banquet midweek, your grandma’s birthday. I’m stressed just from thinking of stressors!

While you’re staring at your TV, a pile of laundry, your briefcase and eating dark chocolate covered peanuts instead of lunch, you are determined to remain unproductive, relaxed, in your pjs. However, you can’t! You are sabotaged by your mind. You want to lay around and not think, but you can’t stop thinking. In the end, you don’t even know what your watching. You contemplate, maybe I need a drink? You imagine shopping somewhere, make up house ware to need. Anything to get your mind off the giant train of responsibility.

Maybe, I’m being somewhat dramatic, but even if I am, things could be better. Let’s be honest, even fun things can be stressful if we are worrying about other stressors.

You are seeing the relaxation. It’s right in front of you. You feel the breeze, the pillow, the sun pampering you with a tan. You see it, but you can’t reach it. The stress awaiting you keeps you out.
What if we remove some of the ropes and links? What will happen? I’ll tell you 🙂 You will attain this rest, this bubble bath, this strawberry margarita with no guilt on the rim.

To break through the vines of anticipation and anxiety in your mind, you have to do some work. If you get ahead, wrap things up, answer a few emails, work out, organize your mountains of papers, your finances, if you simply write a To Do list for your upcoming week, you may actually find yourself more able to relax. One hour of “weekday work,” can transform your weekend into an ideal two days of unwinding.

To offer you some context, I do this. There’s ways of making weekday tasks almost fun for weekend mornings. It might bring you the peace of mind it brings me. Here’s how I manage this scheme:

* I keep my at home workspace “pretty” and fun, unlike my office areas at work. At work, I don’t use Hello Kitty pens, or stare at my photo of Brad Pitt and his abs, I try to look as non-fluffy as possible– geometric shapes, greys, black sharpies. At home, my desk has neon sharpies, stickers, Marilyn Monroe stationary, a beautiful journal, a calendar with pictures of dogs surfing etc. The decor at my home desk creates a warm, fun and happy space that makes paperwork, emailing or grading much more pleasant.

* Limit how long you work for. Use a timer. This way, you don’t lose your whole Saturday on work stuff. When you see that the hours of 9 to 11am were spent productively, your time at the beach will be fancy stress-free.

* Use your stickers, your fun post-its, your sparkly gel pens! There’s no room for black and blue at home. You will be surprised how much more enjoyable entering dates and notes is with a lavender highlighter.

* Light a delicious candle.

* Drink coffee or tea from your favorite mug.

* When you go for a jog or walk, don’t time it. This way the “chore feeling” of working out during the week is washed out. Just listen to your body on the weekend.

* Play some music.

* Listen to a podcast.

* Avoid answering calls or texts until your timer goes off.

* Be comfy.

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